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Monday, April 15, 2002 6:11 AM
I loaded up three of my closest friends (my brother, Jack, my Japanese friend, Sata, and my Bolivian friend, Martin) and made the trip down I-71 to PKI yesterday morning. The Ohio highway patrol troopers were out in force, so my Santa Fe was set to 73 on cruise.

As soon as we entered the park, we headed for TR:TR. Well, what can I say-it's a flat ride in a box. I hate to be a naysayer, but I think it was probably the least enjoyable ride of the day. I was really hoping that this ride would blow me away-maybe I was hoping for too much. Since everyone has read about 10 descriptions of the ride at this point, I won't bore you with another one. With minimal hype, this would have been a good ride...with maximum hype, it's somewhat of a letdown.

The Beast was running very well that day. I saw a couple of people in Coasterbuzz T-shirts coming up the entry ramp as I was getting on the train, but i didn't get a chance to chat. The park was so empty that we saw the same people all day long. It even got to a point where we were waving at people as we walked by them. Anyway, I digress.

Not having the brake on the first hill makes an unbelievable difference. I was blown away by the speed that was carried into the shed. Like others have said, I can't wait for a night ride! It should be something truly special. Throughout the day we took about six or seven laps in nearly every area of the train. Good stuff.

Vortex, however, wasn't really running her best. I did get the pop of air in the backseat, but due to stapling procedures that were enforced on every single coaster, it wasn't much of one. I really wish that they wouldn't brake the train so heavily before the corkscrew. I really dislike the "hanging air" that so many others seem to espouse. Surprisingly, they were running three trains on Vortex, when there weren't even enough people in line to fill up one.

One of the more enjoyable moments of the day was playing laser tag. The four of us were getting ready to play when the young lady running the attraction told us that the computer was down, so we'd have to get a pass and come back later. Luckily, 3 out of the 4 people in my group were IT professionals. We had the comp up and running again in no time, and to show their appreciation, they doubled the length of our game and let us play twice.

When we came out of the laser tag tent, it was pouring down rain. We made a beeline for Flight of Fear, and boy, what a difference lap bars make! My brother hadn't been on the ride since the conversion, and a ride that he wouldn't even get on before is now a top 5 ride for him. We got three rerides before we decided to make the trek in the rain to the Oktoberfest restaurant.

While at the restaurant, the announcement was made that the park would be closing at 6, and not 8. While this was somewhat disappointing, the lines were so short all day that we knew that we would probably get bored well before 8 anyway.

After a quick lunch and a cessation of the rain, we took 3 rides on Drop Zone. Drop rides are the only attraction that still really scares me, but after a total of 5 rides for the day, the ride was actually getting relaxing, with a nice view of SW Ohio at the top.

Sonny was up next, delivering 5 rerides in the back car. After the 5th circuit, I had to get off due to a splitting headache. That coaster is one rough S.O.B. (no pun intended) I remember it being rougher at the end of last season, however, so maybe it is aging well. My 6'3", 250 lb brother found the trains so uncomfortable that he couldn't walk very well after disembarking. Luckily, at 5'9", 175, I have no such trouble.

We then made the long walk back to Top Gun, and I kinda regretted doing so. I had a comparison to BBW @ BGW in my head, and in all honesty there isn't much of one. Decent ride, but way too short and way too long of a walk to get there.

Face/Off was a walk-on! I almost couldn't believe it. I really like the Invertigo ride, much more so than most, I think. It makes me look forward to my first Deja Vu, whenever that will be. We took two laps and then headed for the Nickelodeon section.

I hadn't been on Runaway Reptar before, so we headed for that first. My brother slouched sufficiently to be allowed to ride, and we took the front seat. If I were eight years old, I would love this ride. As it is, I think I like it better than your average hang n' bang. Good speed, comfortable train.

For nostalgia's sake, we took a lap on Beastie, which was my first coaster ever about 17 years ago. I like that they've added an On-ride photo to this coaster-I would have liked it even more about 17 years ago :)

Ok, now, on to the real gem of this day-the Flying Eagles. I had never ridden a flyer before-my mom wouldn't let me ride it when I was younger because she felt it was too dangerous, and I haven't been much into flat rides as an adult. However, due to the fondness expressed by the Buzzers for this attraction, we got in line.

All I can say is WOW! After learning how to snap from the wonderful young lady ride op, I had the best time of my amusement park life on these things. There truly is no feeling like snapping one of these tubs at the top of the cable. We must have ridden this ride about 15 times by the end of the day. If you have skipped over this attraction before, I highly suggest that you stop the next time-you won't regret it.

We also squeezed in a recaR lap and an Adventure exprees lap before experiencing the slingshot. Fun ride, but not worth the $25 per passenger. On this particular day, they were allowing two people to ride for $25, and that was still a little much.

Anyway, if you saw us there, I'm a 5' 9" brown haired kid with an earring, and I was wearing a black t-shirt with a purple deception logo on it. I heard a lot of enthusiast speak around me throughout the day, but I was there to hang out with my friends, not to bore them with enthusiast jargon. Hope to see everyone at CoasterbuzzCon at PKI!

Doesn't it seem as though morons always have the caps lock on?

Monday, April 15, 2002 8:29 AM


Not sure if I saw you at the park but I also saw a couple of people with Coasterbuzz shirts on. I also spent a lot of time on the Flyers. I think I got in close to 10 rides in. My back is killing me now because of that, but it was well worth it.

Sorry you didn't like Tomb Raider. To be honest, yesterday, I noticed certain things that weren't exactly working in the same way they were when I rode it two weeks ago. However, later in the day I heard things were back to normal.

I also did the Sling Shot and thought it was a great ride. The view of the park from 'up there' was fantastic. We only had to pay $10 a person (if you had two and one had a Gold Season Pass) so I thought it was well worth it. I am sure I will do it again.



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