PKI 4-27 another sunday trip whatsupwithdat?

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Me and teenage ninja arrived around 8:45 this morning.

After another pain free dectector entrance we head into the park.
We goto the HB Gold Pass ERT.

Scooby was down so we went to beastie
We road beastie I made a ass out of myself (what else is new)

Then with all the rides down I took pics. I got everything in HB that I could. We then saw SDATC was open so we road. I got some pics of the line area. we then made our way up front for posing with nick characters. (teenage ninja got chuckie and I got jimmy neutron)

Then we watied for the rope to drop and we head to delirium. Guess what THIS WEEK I CANNOT RIDE! Joe was jumping on it but no avail I was pissed and got the manager. That did a whole load of nothing again(see fof from last week).

I saw erik at skyflyer and bsed about my concerns. I said I would fly later (didn't have time sorry erik).
We then went to SOB had a great ride. It made me feel better. We then went to Top Gun.

I saw some friends at Gun. Me and joe road in 1:1 and on the way in we sung a very badly ablibbed version of the George of the Jungle theme that goes like this
"Top Top Top gun watch out for that truck" while congo dancing. I had 2 of the ops rolling with our antics.

We then took more photos of action zone. we made our way to adventure express where we got a 1:1 ride again (two 1:1 rides on arrows)

We then did cyber sez. I had never done it I conviced joe to go with me. It was the haunted carnival one. I was the freakiest of freaky Joe came in 2nd some little kid didnt even score.

I felt all happy again we took more pics and got the spite remixes I smuggled into the park out of my backpack and drank em (cyber sez is hard).

We then road recaR great air on there. the 2nd lift wasn't on nore was the trim.
I won joe a frog for free (we gave the girl a 20 we got 4 5's back)

Then we went down to the flyers. The line was long so we decided to skip the flyers. Joe then road beast (I wasn't in a beast mood today) I took vairous photos of TRTR and other rivertown attactions. I went into outfitters supply and bought the Beast Triathaon shirt.

We then Road KI&MVRR got some nice photos. Joe made out with the frog.

We went out through HB took more pics. Took 2 videos. "the roll" and flyer frog 1.

It was time to go. I was going somewhere with my dad and joe had to work. I bought the guide book and on the way out joe abuses the frog and kills its eye. While on the way to the pickup we took a few more quickie movies then we went home The end.

Final thoughts
WHATS UP WITH DELIRIUM? I can ride one week and not the next 4 clicks and everything! makes no sence. The manager made the excuse I worked there I knew the rules. Well I have a season pass this year and I paid quite a bit for it. To be told nothing you can do about it sorry and o yeah dont bother riding again(yeah the manager said i shouldnt try).

The greeter didn't even know what the rides extension was when I asked to speak with a manager. Nore did she use the pagecom to call up she just sat there and ignored. What changes so much within a week? I haven't gained weight. I was in a t-shirt and some pants no big thick heavy shirt. If the Nogo is buckled you should be able to ride. I understand the computer system but that makes no sence. Somehow the excues given by the manager didn't cut it. I left saying "well sorry for wasting your time" Cause thats what It seemed like it was. Wasted my time and apprently his.

o yeah for over 100 pics see here

Lets go its on!
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What, exactly, did you want them to do? If you don't fit, you don't fit. The ride will *not* operate if the computer senses the restraint is open. There was *nothing* they can do. And complaining on here doesn't help you out either.


Well my problem is I road last week why not this one. I am allowed to complain if I want too. I am a paying customer and I wanted somthing more that what I got.

Whats the diffrence between last week and this week? My body has not changed any. My complaints fell on deaf ears at the park. Like any other place if somthings bad you tell others about it. I know I am not alone.

Lets go its on!
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Sorry, but that's just too bad. You know there are size restrictions (after all, you were there last week) so you have to be able to deal with the consequences of being larger than average. That's just the way it is. The only way you could have gotten a ride last week but not this one is that, somehow, you got bigger. The ride certainly didn't get smaller.

You say you wanted more than what you got. Okay, so what did you want? Knowing that it's 100% *impossible* for them to get you a ride on Delirium, what did you want??


Hey life sucks, deal with it. For some reason I cant ride V2 or WT but can fit on S:UE. If you cant take the fact that since you are big you cant ride, loose weight. Either that or accept the fact you wont fit on all rides (I have, Its not that hard, deal with it).

Whats up with the "Im not in a Beast mood" how can you be in a SOB mood but not in a Beast mood? Also love the song :)

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