PKI 4-13 Sunday trip

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Sunday, April 13, 2003 9:59 AM
I decided to goto PKI this morning. I made a good choice. I arrived at 9am. HB was open for gold pass holders I went to HB and got in on scooby doo right before it opened.

Scooby was fun. I had 2 blasters so my score was high. It was good fun.

Next up was beastie.
I road in the front had a fun little ride the breaks were on hard this morning. I tried to get on taxi jam but no one would let me rent a kid.

I waited around for rivertown to open so I could ride The beast.

Beast was ummm I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it was just problems waking up. 1st half was ok second half was a tad slow.

Flyers were next.
I did 2 cycles got good pops and snaps.

It was running well I sat in the back so I could get that airtime. Not bad on the headbanging either.

SpongeBob in 3-d
It was fun but not as good as 7th portal. This should of been on the B side of the theater and kept 7th portal.

Very fun. On ride photo is back!

I had a nice time on it.Spun alot

Adventure express
it was ok all the effects worked.

Top Gun.
Short sweet and to the point.

food for the day was subway. BLT and blueberry icee good time.

Rides not operating
recaR TRTR

left at 12:45 and I was happy.
Lets go its on!
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