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Saturday, July 21, 2001 7:26 PM
I`ll start out with my trip to PKI on July 18th. The park was really empty, and had riden every major ride by noon. I attended the ACE walkback to Son of Beast (only seven ACErs showed up! Anyway, we stuck around the park, saw Forbidden Magic, which was pretty cool. Our last ride around six, was The Beast. We waited about twenty minutes rode the ride and waited to go into the station.
Then, when waiting to go into the station, a worker came. The ride was shut down and we were stuck in the break shed for twenty minutes. We ended up walking into the station along the side of the track. I`m just glad I wasn`t the train stuck on the lift hill. I returned to PKI and the aire pressure sensor that had shut down the ride had been replaced, and The Beast was operating but when I waited for the front seat it broke down, again, twice. Other than that, it was a couple of great days at the park with my visiting cousin from Arizona.
Now, on to Stricker`s Grove. It was my dad`s company picnic ther today. After fifteen ride on the Tornado, the workers let us stay on the train without walking down the exit ramp and walking back up into the station. Once, they didn`t even stop the train in the station! I rode the Tornado a total of 24 times in about 2 and a half hours. This ride has some serious ejector air! I think the Tornado ride ops for giving us the ERT, especially since there was a wait of one or two trains to ride!

------------- I`ve riden Son of Beast 39 times!

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