PKI / Nik Universe - 4/14/06

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We were there for opening day like many other enthusiasts, (saw lots of ACE shirts), and many other people for that matter. Biggest opening day crowd I can remember in recent years.

PKI has done an incredible job with NU...Wow, what they completed in such a short amount of time was amazing. The only two rides that were not operating were the Blue's Skidoo & Azul the train. The layout of NU was really a lot better to me, (esp. once I learned there were rides back behind Avatar.

They left no stone unturned in the re-theming of NU. Right down to the smallest details, and even the food establishments got a much needed facelift. The icon of the park is Avatar. When it's in motion it's the first thing you see upon entering NU.

Avatar was an awesome experience. I entered this ride sort of nervous about whether I would handle it well. Viking Ships and the such turn my stomach and make me feel sick, but I learned last year I can do Disko style rides with no problem. Thankfully, despite the surfboard-shaped car this ride reminded me of a Disko. Even got a little airtime on the ends a couple of times.

Other than lunch we never really left NU. This day was totally dedicated to the little ones. We did go by Action Zone, (SOB & Delirium were both down for most/all of the day) after lunch at the Festhaus, then right back to NU for the remainder of our time.

The area was so colorful, and looked so nice. By Beastbuzz everything should be up and running easily so you can all see for yourself. I see PKI adding another "Worlds Best Kids Area" award to their collection. Other rides we rode were...


Swipers Sweeper - (mini whip) Relocated, but still the same fun little spin.

Go Diego Go! - (The big wheel trucks that have been there since the beginning) given a safari theme, still have lots of life to give.

Nik Jr. Drivers - (still located next to the Fairly Odd Coaster) Now has been rethemed sort of like a forest complete with pictures of the Nik stars. Still a kid favorite.

Backyardigans' Swing-Along - (Pixie & Dixie's Swings) Very brightly colored, and though I've never seen the show, the ride is absolutely charming.

Plankton's Plunge - (Double Frog Hopper) Cute little theme for a bad guy, but this ride actually scared was his first tower ride experience. Not as exciting as other hoppers I've ridden with the kids, but still good.


Fairly Odd Coaster - (The Beastie) Rethemed, new paint job for the trains. If your familiar with the show then Cosmo is represented on a green train, and Wanda is represented by a pink train. This woodie still gives fun little rides, even to an adult.

Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smasher - (kids bumper cars) No pedals for the little ones to mess with, they just steer and bump now. Cool little cars!

Avatar - See above ^

Runaway Reptar - Still has you hangin' and bangin' but the kids love it!

Wild Thornberry's River Adventure - (log flume) This was the first time we have ever ridden a major attraction together as a family. It was a blast, and I'll see about posting the picture later. Still a fun ride that will get you wet, without soaking you. It felt great today!

Avatar went down early in the afternoon for about 20 minutes while we were in line, but the Phantom Flyers were shut down several times, and by late afternoon were down for good. But I wonder if these problems aren't just glitches that come along with them being new rides. One of the supervisors said that today was the first day they had run the rides at full capacity.

All in all, once we got in the lot, got our passes processed, and got moving on the rides it was a great day. One regret: Didn't have any sunscreen! One thing I noticed was how the staff we came in contact with were very friendly. We were welcomed and thanked on almost every ride we went on. And a few, including Maureen were out engaging people in conversations, and asking them what they thought. That was really nice to see.

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08!
I was there yesterday and I agree that Nick Universe is a nice rehab of HB Land however I think they could have used some other colors than orange and lime green. I think there's way too much of those colors (I know that orange is the color of Nick).

I also agree with Avatar. I really enjoyed it alot. It's a great addition to the park.

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