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I got back from the park a few hours ago.

First, if anyone is thinking about going up for a couple hours... DON"T. The Park closed at noon, just two hours from opening. Why? Just so windy, cold, wet, and few people. It was one of the worst days, and probably the worst Jeff Siebert could remember.
(PKI will be open tomorrow, Sunday, for passholders starting at 10 am, and open until 8, weather permitting).

Upon entering the park, I got a souvenir cup (free) which I believe gets me refills all season long for 99ยข. Nice deal.

I first did Flight of Fear, twice. Lights on! Honestly, I like the ride a bit better with the lights on, because it doesn't happen so often.

Next, Dodgems. Weak and slow... that's all I'll say.

The Beast (one ride, back seat) was running with two trains, not much of an issue today. No different than I remember, a bit rough but still fast and fun.

Some of my friends love the SpongeBob in 3-D, so we did that as well. It's nonsensical and whimsical, but still a favorite.

Our final ride of the day was Scooby-Doo! and the Haunted Castle... I always get the lowest score of my peers!

At closing time, noon, Jeff Siebert gave the luck souls who stayed around a tour of IJST. Instead of walking the perimeter, like on the last two tours, we got to go up closer, into the station, and... tour the tunnel between the middle and end of the ride!
I got some photos of the splash-ending area and the station, but was not alllowed to take any too up close or in the tunnel.

Also, Happy Days Diner looked great, and I'm looking forward to some of the new food options, like Graeter's and Chick-fil-A. Starbucks is going in the old French pastry shop, and the old hand dipded ice cream stand will now sell donuts.

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.

Can we have the pictures? That had to be the worst trip report.
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My website is currently down, but I hope to get them up somewhere else by the end of the day...

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.


I had no idea that tunnel was that long. That really surprised me. I originally thought it would be just a very short pass before the ending.

It was cool seeing you at the park again. I am sure I am not alone when I say I am SUPER excited to see this ride in action with all the bells and whistles working.


Man, it was a miserable day. I did not even go out of my house today. I will try to get there tomorrow since I am only 15 minutes away.
Yeah, today was pretty harsh. Sean and I got stung pretty well by the rain on Beast in the morning. Here's a little tip. Don't ride Beast's front seat when its cold and raining. It stings a whole lot (If you guys didn't know already).

Just imagine how the winds would've affected Eagles if they were still here.

Koster Frek

Good advice!

It was weird seeing it start to snow as we were at the top of the lift on The Beast. I guess I haven't learned my lesson riding in harsh conditions as the picture below shows.


What is Italian Job supposed to be? Is it a water coaster? I have got to get up tjere. I might move up to Cleveland in a couple of years. Now I would take my laptop to PKI if I had one. Wi-fi in Starbucks!

John Moore

I HIGHLY doubt a Starbucks in a theme park would have the Wi-Fi!

italian Job is a premier LIM coaster. here's a pages on it:
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Can't wait to see the pics...any mention of the "surprise element" in the tunnel? or is it just that extra dip before the third launch?

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We got snow here as well (Charleston, WV) yesterday for about 3 hours. Now it's sunny and 60 degrees. Go figure. lol.

Hopefully the weather at PKI will be more pleasant next weekend. :-)


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