PKI - April 10th

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Well Friday we went to Kentucky Kingdom, Saturday i worked all day, and Sunday my GF and I decided to visit our home park Kings Island. We arrived to PKI around 10:00, i wanted to get there a little bit earlier but a little problem back at home, so got there at 10. We got there and went straight over and processed our passes. There was a decent line for this, and I thought the park was going to be extremely busy, but this was probaly the longest line of the day. After getting our pictures taken we headed inside the park and went straight for Action Zone.

In the morning Face Off, and Son Of Beast were both closed, when we were leaving i seen that Face Off opened up, I did not get a chance to see if Son Of Beast opened or not. Well we went straight back and got on Top Gun, no line at all walked straight up waited one ride and got on. Top Gun was only running one train, don't really notice it that much because Top Gun is a pretty short ride. I wish this ride was longer, but i still enjoy it everytime i ride it. My GF wanted to say hi to her friend that works on Top Gun and i seen my buddy Alan(one of the supervisor at Top Gun/Son Of Beast). After we finished Top Gun we walked up the loooong exit. I had to stop at Skyflyer(my old ride)to say hello to my ex supervisor. Then we headed for Delirium.

Again no line for Delirium, we waited one cycle and got on in the next one. This is def. my favorite flat ride. I could ride this all day and never get off. Once we got off Delirium my GF wanted to stop over by slingshot and say hello to her ex supervisor, after that it was off to Adventure Express.

There is barely ever a line for Adventure Express unless the park is extremely crowded, this ride is a capacity hog. Well it was running all three trains today, even though it probaly didn't need three. There was no line for this ride also, we walked straight up, and got a nice seat in the very front. We were the only two on the whole train. The ride was very smooth in the front seat or atleast i thought so, i always feel like im going to smack my head on the columns through the ride. After Adventure Express we headed over to The Racer.

We only rode on the backwards Racer, and only waited one train for this ride. Very Simple out and back ride. I didn't really pay attention much to the ride because i was trying to see if i could get a view of The Italian Job or not. But i always ride this ride whenever i go. My GF once again had to stop and talk to one of her ex supervisors who was driving The Racer. Once we left The Racer it was off to Flight Of Fear.

On the way i made a stop by Monster to say hello to a friend and then we finally got to Flight Of Fear, we waited about 10 mins for this ride, which wasn't bad at all. They had the lights out inside the building, and was a pretty fun ride. Except early in the ride i snapped my neck pretty bad, but it didn't slow down anything. After Flight Of Fear we headed down to Spongebob Squarepants 3D.

Once again my GF seen one of her friends working on Spongebob she said hello and we got on the ride. I think they changed the music around a little bit at the beginning of this ride or something, it seemed somewhat different. The movement of the chairs also seemed a little bit different. Like they put a little bit more emphasis on the movements. I actually like this ride a lot better then the past movies in Action Theater. They still had the dracula sign up from FearFest, which by the way was a HORRIBLE ride, so if they bring that back to FearFest, don't ride it. After Spongebob we were kind of hungry so we headed over to Skyline to get something to eat. My my my this place is expensive, Two Cheese Coneys, Two orders of Chili Cheese Fries and drinks, cost us 20 dollars. But what do you expect when it costs 9 dollars to park.

After we got done eating we walked around Italian Job a little bit to take a look at the new ride. I am really excited about this ride opening. I didn't have big expectations for it at all, but after seeing it in person, it looks like a really fun ride. While i was walking around i ran into the head supervisor of The Italian Job and talked to him for a little bit, he said the ride is really close to being complete, and they were going to be running test cycles later on in the day. But back to Italian Job it looks like KI put tons of money into this ride, there isn't a part of this ride that isn't themed. Seeing it reminds me of Islands Of Adventure all over again, it's themed that well. You can see a nice view of the helicopter and a couple of police cars. On the other side you get an excellent view of the sign the cars burst out of coming out of the tunnel. KI also got rid of Mel's Diner and changed it to Happy Days Diner, which also looked really nice. I didn't get a chance to go inside but just took a glance inside. Well after looking at the new ride we decided to take it easy and head over to Scooby Doo and the haunted castle.

I have never actually rode this ride and just looked at the themeing i also try to play the game. Well this time i played the game again, and my GF beat me(I had to let her win lol)There was a pretty decent line for this ride but the line moves so quick so you barely noticed it. Except they didn't have any AC on inside so the line was extremely hot with all the people in there. After we got off Scooby Doo we headed over to Rivertown for a ride on Tomb Raider and of course The Beast.

Well Tomb Raider had a line and i didn't feel like waiting for it, so we just went on The Beast. There was a line but wasn't very long. They were only running two trains on the beast today. We sat towards the middle of the train. I love this ride, def. my fav wood ride. The brakes during the ride don't take away from it for me at all, i will always love this ride. After this ride my legs were started to hurt really bad from the long weekend so we decided to go through some shops and head on home.

Overall it was a good day, didn't ride Face Off, Son of Beast, or the Vortex, but with this being my home park i will get on them plenty of times. Another thing this year Kings Island was trying for the smoke free park accept in designated areas, and to my surprise everyone was obeying them from what i could see. Which was really cool because i know how some guests are. The park wasn't as crowded as i expected it to be, it might have gotten busier later in the day we were out by 3:30. I can't wait for Italian Job to open up, i don't think i will be able to get back to the park before then, but i hope i do. Next trip for us is May 12-15 as we are going to Cedar Point and Geauga Lake.

Ryan R. said:

and i seen my buddy Alan

I cringe everytime I hear someone say "i seen", and it's just as bad to see it typed out.

Nice TR though.

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I was there on April 10 as well. I have never seen a line so short for Drop Zone! It was heaven!

We had one ride on the Beast, which was one of the smoothest rides I have ever had on it (2nd seat).

No crowds, perfect weather. I could not have asked for a better day!

Great TR Ryan!


Mels Diner? Thought it was Preston Tuckers?

Anyhow, Nice TR


It was Preston T. Tucker's roadside Cafe before.

Now it's happy days diner.

Lol, sorry about that. For some reason i was thinking of Universal.

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