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Monday, April 29, 2002 3:43 PM

Quick summary...

Morning weather: Rain off and on, mid-upper 60's for temps.

Afternoon weather: Sunny and WINDY (sustained winds in the 30-45+ range). Temperatures plunged to the lower 50s.

Crowds were light in the morning, but picked up when the rain quit and the scouts came in.

The Beast: My favorite ride in the park, hands up. Rode it first thing, and it was a walkon with a light line for the front. That ride seemed a lot smoother (and maybe even a little better) with those magnetic brakes installed. What an awesome ride! We rode it again close to closing time when it got cold and windy. That thing was out of control! The mag brakes were engaging as hard as they could, and you'd feel an immediate burst of speed as sonn as the last fin passed. Someone on the train ahead of us hurt his back - apparently just after the mag brakes before the helox tunnel (after the 2nd lift). Only 2 trains running both times.

Vortex: Looks a lot better with the new paint job. They had all 3 trains running, and stacked all 3 several times while I spent 15 minutes in line. The mid-course slowed the train almost to a crawl, and you could feel yourself falling out of the seat onto the restraints through the corkscrew (not a great feeling).

FoF: Second time I've ridden it without the OTSRs. Even though I felt like I was permanently attached to my seat before we launched, I still enjoyed the ride. The queue line movie and effects stopped for awhile, which was fine since you see the same darn thing 3-4 times while waiting.

Racer: Wouldn't you know I picked the one time that I saw when the trains weren't racing (grrr). Rode back seat on the backwards side. It was OK.

Adventure Express: Nice try at the theming, but wouldn't you think with the statues and the drums and the "scary" music on the second lift, there'd be the best part of the ride? Nope. The station. The most disappointing climax to a coaster I've seen. Ride was very bumpy too.

Top Gun: Short, but fun. Front seat of course.

Face/Off: Closed all day (unknown - wind?)

SoB: The only adult coaster (anywhere) that I just can't ride again. It remains the only coaster that I absolutely hated I am sad to say.

Eiffel Tower: Very windy day, so the elevators ran really slow. Got a great view of the park though (and the former home of King Cobra). I've never felt that thing sway so much before.

Drop Zone: Closed due to the wind.

Overall, we had a great time despite the weather (one of my best trips to a park in a very long time). The staff was friendly and were making the best of the conditions. And definitely a bargain with the $24 admission coupon we had.

A final note...they are still selling King Cobra postcards ($0.35 apiece)

Oh, I guess it wasn't that quick of a summary. Just my $0.02

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Wednesday, May 1, 2002 9:08 AM

Hi Jimmybob, good summary. I'll share my comments.

I agree that the Beast is still the best ride in the park. I don't know if the new brakes made the ride any smoother, but I do think it's better. I have had a couple rides in the past that I thought were better than how it runs now (both in the rain), but I'll take the consistent good rides over an occasional great ride mixed in with a lot of mediocre rides.

Vortex does look great with the new paint job. I actually thought the falling sensation through the corkscrews was one of the best parts of this ride. In fact, other than the first drop, it's the only part I actually enjoy.

Racer was running very well last time I was at the park. I thought the forwards side was even better that backwards. There's good airtime from the front of the forward train.

I thought Adventure Express was one of the best mine trains i've been on. I like that it's a little more intense that most. I agree that the ending is a little dissapointing. You feel like your being set up for something spectacular, but then... nothing.

I think Top Gun is the second best ride in the park.

When did you last ride SOB? I really felt the same way about this ride as you do after my two rides last year. I gave it another try this year and it's much better. Still not a great ride, but it's good enough to ride occasionally. You should give it another try. Try the second row on the train, I've found this to be a pretty good seat.

Sorry you didn't get to ride Drop Zone and Face/Off. They are both good rides.

You didn't mention anything about Tomb Raider, did you get a chance to experience it?


Thursday, May 2, 2002 8:52 AM

I did ride Tomb Raider. We thought it was OK, but the ride itself seemed short, and it seemed like they left you laying flat on your chest (and the restraints) for too long - to the point it was a little painful. The load time took about 3-4 minutes from the point we sat down...seems they were having some trouble with a couple of guests' restraints. I thought the drum music was cool, but with it repeating over and over before and after the ride, I think the ride ops will eventually go crazy :-)

As far as SoB goes, I rode it last November (when it was in the mid 70s in Ohio!). It's the only coaster I ever wnated to get off mid-ride. The trains are too small, and the bouncing (at least that's what it felt like) was hard to take. Myabe some day I'll try it again, but it'll take a lot to get me back on it.

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