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This should be short, but the drama points kept the trip going and they need to be described:

Driving down I-75 about an hour from PKI, we nearly avoided a pile-up. Apparently some people weren't paying attention and flew into the stopped traffic. Three car pile up about a foot off my rear bumper.

Once we got to PKI, we headed over to Hanna-Barbera land. Scored a ride on Scooby-Doo, and man, I found it hard to hit some of those targets. I'm going to go back and re-ride to just pay more attention to the great scenery. We pumped up the track record on the kiddie rides and headed to Tomb Raider. Good ride, but the program seemed a bit short compared to last year. As we left, my friend had a grease stain on his shirt from the ride. Jessica, a manager for the area, took him to get a dry cleaning slip and a free T-shirt.

While they were off taking care of that, we hopped on Beast. I pulled the bar down and it got buzzed and locked. A few moments later the bars buzzed again, and I held the bar down to get it re-locked. Before it re-locked, We were off. I caught the ride-op's attention and we got stopped on the lift as he ran out to check the bar. I managed to get it locked before he made it to the train. Afterwards, I spent time reciting the incident to mechanics and eventually Jessica again.

Other things to point out:

Delerium didn't look like much to me, but it was a good ride. You spin faster than you think you would, but I wouldn't wait more than 30-45 for it... But that's me.

Flight of Fear was extraordinarily rough. Usually, the ride is a mind[blank] as far as orientation. Now, it should require an Advil booth at the end.

The line for Son of Beast was horrid with one train operation. I can't wait for the trains to be finished with their mods or whatever.

A second ride on Tomb Raider showed us where the control booth was, as we waved at the op, and s/he waived back. (We couldn't tell from our angle.)

We hit the Beast for two rides before leaving, and on the last one, some idiot in the front of the train threw ketchup packets backwards. I got one grazed off the top of my head, and others were splattered. When we got back to the station, we watched as some riders began yelling at the front of the train. The Beast crew kept all the riders on the platform until security and managers could get there. The staff was nice enough to give us free on-ride photos for the trouble and dry cleaning tickets if we so chose. We got to say goodbye to Jessica as she said, "you guys again?"

We never got a Flyers ride as each time we passed by it was either experiencing technical difficulties or down due to puke. I have to commend the PKI staff though. Everyone was friendly and on top of their game. I grabbed a gold pass, and I'm looking forward to going back to PKI. I strongly reccommend that anyone wanting to hit the major attractions start in either Hanna-Barbera land or Rivertown. (I know most people here realize this, but hey, it's worth repeating for shorter lines.)

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Do you remember seeing Tom on the Beast crew that night? I got sent over there. What kind of tshirt were you wearing?

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.....Yeah, I think that smoke is supposed to be there.....

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