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Tuesday, June 19, 2001 6:09 AM
My b/f, kids and I decided to visit our home park
yesterday, let me first say that when ever I visit PKI I always feel like a traitor or some sorts, I guess thats what happens when you have the title of "Po!nter Girl ;, but once I shook that I had a blast. The drive there is HEAVEN for us, 1.25 hours, all highway-awesome. The sight of the tower in the woods off I-71S always gets me pumped. We arrived at park at 9:10-parked row 3 and off we went. Headed straight for SOB only to be advised it was "down till noon" GASP!! SOB down? WHY would TODAY be any different from any other. So off to FOF we went. Let me just say that FOF was the worst ride EVER previous to the latest "improvement"... after our 1st ride it was the first time EVER I heard people clapping and screaming when we were done. We loved this so much we got off and rode it a total of 4x-it was a walk on. Unfortunitely though riding it that much makes the "take off" not quite as intense. Fun none the less-a MUST ride-Kudos to PKI for fixing this thing! Off to "The Beast", only 15 minute, made the mistake of NOT waiting on the 1st beat up BAD-we got stopped on the top of the 2nd lift hill for a while-nice view! Off to my (former) fav Vortex. What the heck happened to this ride? What a HEAD BANGER! I never remember it being that rough, it was almost impossible for me to do it no hands! Very disappointing since I have always adored this ride, b/f and kids refused to ride it again, of course I did, attempted 1st car to see if better.......nope. No more Vortex for us :(
The Racers were awesome. very smooth this year (forward and backwards) Adventure Express fun as always. The 3-D show "The 7th Portal" is a must see for all-that was awesome (and a nice sit down 10 minute break with a/c) as well as the other sides show "Smash Factory"-not 3-D but fun as well. We got our cooler and ate under the trees
on the grass by front entrance. I guess that is one thing I have always adored about PKI-the trees, the grass and the shade. (The blacktop however is another story-man that stuff gets HOT)
Finally after lunch we got our chance to ride SOB.
I was siked to ride this ride. Let me just say something here, I guess after riding MF 100x it is going to take alot of "impress" me with a big 1st hill. SOB was rough, which is expected after all it is a woody and it is non-stop. The loop was fun (I adore inverts anyway) and the helix's fun too. My b/f liked it, kids didnt, b/f and I rode it again 1st car to see if it would ease some of the, yes, ride again? Not if long wait. We had pretty much rode everything by 2pm so the rest of the day we just rerode stuff (Phantom Theatre is a must for kids and I - we know that ride by heart and get the biggest kick out of saying everything before the characters do) The weather was OUTSTANDING mid 80's-not a cloud in the sky-kids and b/f got fried, my shoulder tattoos just got darker, and we all have tons of new foot blisters to show off.
We have SOB bruises on our thighs too.
The crowd was very light, everything a walk on pretty much except for SOB-and longest wait for that was 45 minutes due to us waiting on 1st car.
I was disappointed to see so many smokers in the lines, and the ride ops not saying anything about it, some of them smoked clear till it was time for them to ride! Also some of the people who thought it was ok for them to wear size 5/6 clothes/bathing suits when they were more like a size 9/10...eeeek! My kids even noticed this,but you get that in ANY park. I was again reminded on why I used to adore PKI so very much (before CP)
the park is BEAUTIFUL, clean, the staff is very nice and with the exception of the a.m. downtime for SOB eveything else was running and jamming.
The new "Runaway Reptar" reminded me of a little Raptor, it was so cute! That whole kids area (Nickelodean) section is a photographers dream! So much color, something lacking at CP.
Kudos to PKI I was very impressed and despite the fact my b/f and kids could NOT keep up with me and made my leave before closing we had a great time!! Thanks PKI!! :)

2000 Raptor Crew
2001 Raptor Crew
Welcome back Raptor riders-how was your flight?
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 6:24 AM

LuvRaptor said:
Welcome back Raptor riders-how was your flight?"

Your gonna have to change your closing.:)(Look down)

"Welcome back Raptor riders. How was your flight?"
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:25 AM
Nice TR! I am gonna go to PKI early July for the first time! Can't wait!
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:59 AM
I am Coasterbuzz member #129
you are #2247.
Does "dibs" count for anything? I had closing long before you did!! :)
For you I'll change it for this post!!

2000 Raptor Crew
2001 Raptor Crew
When the floor is are you-see you back here in 2 32!!!

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