PKD....11/7, closing day

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its been a few years since ive concluded my season at my home park, being at college and all. however, i decided this year, it was time to return to my roots:) park wasnt all that crowded. i got there about 3:30, and stayed till it closed at 6. got Volcano, Anaconda, Drop Zone, Shockwave, backwards Rebel Yell, Hurler, and finally Grizzly. i loitered around the back of the station so i could make the last train of the season...which i did:) kinda funny...i realized that it was 20 years ago that i rode the Grizzly...sometime in the 1984 season. very fitting end to a wonder year! now....time to go wax and tune my snow skis, and get ready for my "offseason" addiction :)

Tim.....who secretly enjoys skiing a notch above coasters....*snicker* :)

still trying to think of a good signature...

Umm, Tim, news for's not a secret anymore. :)

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

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I can see how one can ski a hill, but how does one ski a notch? ;)
funny moosh :)

and funny dawn:)

Tim....yea, im dumb sometimes;)

still trying to think of a good signature...

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