PKD Trip on a Bright sunny Day 7-10-04.

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My buddies & I left for PKD at 8:35am. And we arrived at the park around 10:16am.The park was not as crowded as it was last year. Our 1st ride of the day was a ride on the Eiffel Tower. The lines for it were not that bad so after the Eiffel Tower we rode the 1st row. We also rode XLC where the line were not as bad as it was last year. The key to ride XLC is to get to the park early so you can avoid the long lines. In fact Grizzly coaster was a walk and so was Rebel Yell. After a ride on Rebel Yell we hit the Avalanche where the lines were not bad. And if you are an adult I recommend you ride it alone. We also took in a flat ride on the Wave Swinger where the line was not bad at all. One of my buddies wanted me to ride the Carousel and I made a deal with him and said I’ll ride the Carousel if you ride the Hurler and he agreed to it. We were getting hot so we hit the Log Flume where the lines were shorter than the lines for White Water Canyon. We only waited 20 minutes to ride the Log Flume. Then after a wet ride on the Log Flume we rode Triple Spin which was another flat ride.So after a ride on Triple Spin we rode Drop Zone where the lines were not to long. We even took a ride on Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Mansion which is an arcade type of a ride. You are sitting in a car with a gun that you shoot at targets to get points. I scored 840 points; my girl friend scored 580 points and my buddy scored 360 points. I think that Man in Black ride at Universal Studios Orlando FL is much better than Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion at PKD. We also rode Anaconda, Flight of Fear and ended our day with 10 night laps on Grizzly. The food service is much better at PKD than SFA. One thing that I like about PKD is there’s no fast lane pass. Grizzly 11 laps Rebel Yell 3 laps Avalanche 1 lap Anaconda 1 lap Flight of Fear 1 lap

Rail Junkie
Well it seems one of us has finally gotten around to posting a TR for last saturday's run to PKD,as for me I've been busy the last few days what with my dad passing away saturday morning & having to attend 3 seperate funeral services over the past 3 days.

Today's service was dad was buried with full military honors early this morning thus completing the final phase of his journey through life.

Anyhow I noticed that you just had to mention the little deal we made of me riding Hurler in exchange for getting you on the carousel,that's a mistake I certainly don't plan on making next year.

Had I not ridden that giant piece of firewood called Hurler I might very well have stayed on the grizz for the remainder of the evening instead of just 5 or 6 laps but all of those extra laps were really doing a number on my head.

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