PKD Sunday 10/26

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I decided to go to the park and take my lil 9 year God-sister with me. We had a blast! I wasn't quite sure if she would meet the height requirements to get on Volcano & FoF, but she JUST made it!

Volcano: Rode once in the back seat. This coaster never fails to impress me. What happened to the smoke effects? I didn't see any smoke effects this season, just the fire.

FoF: Rode once in the back seat. This is the only one my God-sister was afraid of because of the darkness. The dome was much darker the last time I went. Looks like they turned more of them colored lights on.

Anaconda: Rode once in the middle. This was the first time I've rode this in the middle since I can remember! I usually sit in the very front.

Rebel Yell: Rode once forward and backward. The ride did seem a little smoother. My God-sister had her hands up the entire time!

Richocet: The last half of the ride was unbraked, so we got whipped around quite a bit! It was painful!

We skipped Hurler, Grizzly, Shockwave, and Hypersonic. They were running 1 train on Hurler and Grizzly. The lines were HUGE! We went back to FoF, but the entire outside queue was halfway full, so we skipped.

My God-sister did the Wave Swinger and Triple Spin, but I bypassed because I don't do so well on those types of rides. The bumper cars are always fun!

White Water Canyon: We were the only 2 on the raft. I have NEVER gotten that wet! My God-sister got SOAKED from head to toe. I couldn't do nothing but laugh.

Drop Zone: I thought she was going to be scared of this one, but no. She didn't even let out a scream. I was the one hollering all the way down!

Curse of the Crypt: This was one of 2 FearFest attractions that opened @ 3:00, so we hopped in line. It was so much darker, scarier, and foggier than last year! I had a blast. My God-sister was crying throughout the whole thing and made several attempts to run out the emergency exits.

Freak Show in 3D: Man, we got in line for it and when we got to the door my God-sister started crying and said she didn't wanna go in! I was a little upset, but oh well. I was curious how a walk-thru with 3D glasses would be.

I think I'm going to go back Sunday 11/2!


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