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Saturday, March 22, 2003 5:25 PM
And yet another great opening day at my home park!

We arrived around noon, and crowds *appeared* to be heavy due to long lines for season passes. But an employee came out and announced that long lines were due to people not filling their forms out...figures. But, inside the park, crowds were light.

First ride of the day for me was Drop Zone(ofcourse)which proved to be great ride.

Drop Zone: 5 rides

The que area is quite short, and you get up to loading quickly. The ride op's are armed with counters to be sure that a minimum of empty seats are dispatched. Dispatching today was kinda slow, but i think the op's just need a few days to warm up and get used to things and the ride should run very smoothly.

The ascent is quick, and smooth. From the looks of it you are pulled up by cables. Also, after you get out of the breaking area, it speeds up a little, kinda like MF. The "ring of seats" stops very short from the top, so you really get the most of it. It pauses for about 5-8 seconds before releasing. And now for the great part...the drop. The freefall sensation on DZ is so great, that you still get a wonderfull ride even if you are stapled(which they were doing quite frequently today). You also really feel the speed towards the bottom, but it doesnt last long. The brakes are very powerful(and smooth). If you havent experienced anything like DZ, i highly suggest it. Quite different than the S&S space shots!

Rating: 8/10

After a few laps on DZ(which i couldnt get enough of), i headed over to hurler for a quick run. 2 quick rides on a low class woodie, but it was the first coaster of the day, so it still did something for me.

I next headed over to hypersonic. I never got a ride on this, despite the fact that it ran all day. Sadly, it only ran 1 train all day! I asked one of the employees standing outside the que if they would be adding a second, and they laughed and said they didnt know if they would. Although im not sure if they have a say in this, but this still upsets me. Really aggrivates me when the park chooses not to run 2 trains, even on light crowds. If theres more than a 30min line, and they can do something about it, i dont understand why they dont.

After the quick Hypersonic check, it was time to meet back up with my family. We spent alot of time walking around the park so my bro and sis could get some rides in. On the way, i played more games than usual, and got also got a volcano run in(which ran quite well today).

Not a whole lot to say because i didnt ride too much, but i did satisfy my early season needs. Drop Zone alone was worth the trip, but the overall day was fun. Spent a little more time walking around today and relaxing.

Thats it for now. Hopefully i can get some more detailed TR's later on, but for now thats all. Mostly just wanted to get a DZ review in.

2003 season kicks off 3/22 w00t!! PKD here I come!
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