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Saturday, May 19, 2001 5:12 AM
Well our 8th grade field trip was to PKD Math and Science Day. We had to test two rides 3x each. Our bus had left at 6:30 and got to KD at 9ish. I was so suprised when they actually let us in at 9! One of my rides was the Anaconda...Hmmm my baby! As soon as the ropes dropped we "had to stay in an ordly fashion" behind this securtiy guard. Well he took a wrong turn so my group sprinted it!

Anaconda-3x in a row w/out getting off, accept to write down times. I love this ride. The 1st and 2nd flip combo pulls alot of G's. Also this ride dosn't seem to be as rough, which is great!

After Anaconda when we were on the final brakes, we saw that Outer Limits had no line out to the buliding! This had to be good. I had never rode this so I oculdn't wait to see the new lap bars.

Flight Of Fear-1x Well there was really no line at all! We walked on the car! It was so hard to get to that dumb spaceship. We were hoping rails left and right and got lost a million times! Our train rolled in and we soon grabbed first seat. If you have been on this ride w/ the new lap bars, you'll notice they have that clip on them. Well my girlfriend and I didn't see that. We looked like confussed sheep. The guy had to show us...I felt so dumb. Well we got in and boy I like those restraints! I heard a thunk and off we went. I had never been on this and so I couldn't help my self but screaming "What the ____". The mid-course brakes stopped us pretty hard, bummer. One thing I noticed was the turns right before the corkscrew are so bumby. I could tell why they needed the lap bars. When we stopped and the told us to get out, I was like why? We get out at the station..Boy you could tell it was my 1st time!

When we got of FoF we thought that if FoF had no line, mabey Volcano wouldn't have that big of a line. Boy were we right.

Volcano-1x. I almost urinated on myself when I saw people were walking right into the Mountain. We ran up and saw that the back seat had a two train wait. I loved this. We got in and off we went. The 2nd Lims can be noticed more now. My girlfriends shoe was coming off and she was screaming, it was so funny.

We met back with our teacher. We had to go test the bezerker(sp?) Wow this ship was fun. This is about the time when everybody starts coming. I was getting nervous. After that our Charter busses pulled up and we ate lunch. I goobled mine down. It was now 12 and we had to meet back at 2. Well a group of us went to FoF. It looked like a hefty ride. We stuck it out!

Flight Of Fear-1x. Well now that we were in the long line, I noticed who the theming was great! We were so bored in line and it wasn't funny. My girlfriend and I were getting sorta "kinky" in line. We saw a lot of people leave the space ship and they all said it broke down. Poop, I was mad. It was like 1:20 and we had to meet at two. Finally it was up and running. We got two the space ship and It broke again. 1:30...Hurry up! It was up in 15 min. Finally we picked out our seat. this time I rode with my best friend because I never get to ride any big rides with him because I used to be a coaster pansi. Mostly all the coasters I have been on is with my g/f. So we buckle in (this time I used the clip). We were off. I had my hands up the whole time. Going through the corkscrew is pure fun. We bought the picture.

Overall in the morning it was crowded and around 12:00 everyone came. Hypersonic was running but that was in the afternoon and it would be crowded. Only one kid in the school got to ride it.
If FoF got that great of a makeover than why can't I?
Saturday, May 19, 2001 8:23 AM
Kidzville was not open.

If FoF got that great of a makeover than why can't I?

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