PKD and BGW trip report

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Saturday, June 28, 2003 8:23 PM
This was my first trip to PKD. We arrived at 4:00 on Wednesday. Admission was half price after 4:00. The park was almost empty, but stayed open until10:00. We were able to get multiple rides on everything that we wanted to do. I found the park to clean and well layed out. The employees were very friendly. I am looking forward to furutre trips to PKD.

Hypersonic XLC-3 rides. Very intense. 9/10

Volcano-3 rides. Too short. Great ride that has intense speed at the time you hit the brakes. 8/10

Anaconda-1 ride. Enjoyable ride. I expected more head banging. 6/10

Avalanche-1 ride. Fun boblsed coaster. 5/10

Flight of Fear- 2 rides. Fast, furious, and intense. 8/10

Rebel Yell-2 rides(one frontward and one backward). Fun out and back woodie. Rather smoothe considering the age and condition of the ride. 6/10

Drop Zone- 2 rides. 305 foot free fall ride. Fun, but nothing exciting. 7/10

Hurler-2 rides. Fun woodie. Great lateral forces. 6/10.

Grizzly-4 rides.Lot s of air time.

Shockwave-1 ride. Old stand up. I bet it was the deal in its day. 5/10.

Ricochet- 1 ride. Fun wilde mous. 5/10.

Scooby Doo Coaster-1 ride. Fun Jr coaster. Used for coaster count. 4/10

We went to BGW on Thursday. This was my 2nd trip to this park. The park was busy, but there were no waites on any of the coasters. The park is beautiful. This park would really be a great park w/ an addition of a woodie.

Apollo's Chariot- 6 rides. Great B&M coaster. Lots of air time. 8.5/10.

Alpengiest- 4 rides. Great inverted coaster. Like Montu better. 8/10

Big Bad Wolf-2 rides. Best Hanging coaster that I have ever been on. 6/10

Loch Ness Monster-1 ride. Beautiful ride. Alittle rough. 5/10.

Wilde Mous-1 ride. Fun ride. 4/10.


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