PKD 9/5/04 - I like to invert exactly four times!

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Nothing like a late-season TR! This screams for bullet points.

The Park:

  • one of the first parks I've visited that you can't really see from the highway. Heck, you can't see much of the park from the parking lot. I suppose this is a good thing, but I love the parks where you can see some behemoth of a ride looming in front of you for a few miles.
  • not too crowded for a holiday weekend. Bueno!
  • love the trees. Trees everywhere!
  • very clean park. A little hard to find ride entrances, though, just like its sister park in Cinci.

The Rides:

  • Hypersonic - glad we hit it first. Short line, two trains... still a half-hour wait. Awesome launch, but it's over too quickly. 37 electoral votes.
  • Hurler - oh, it blew all right. Neat layout + square wheels = meh. I got a thigh bruise, but it was less from the airtime, and more from the generally violent ride. 15 electoral votes.
  • Ricochet - what a mouse should be. Small, but full of electoral votes. Like New Jersey. 20 electoral votes.
  • Rebel Yell (forward) - aging like a semi-fine wine. No strong air, but fun... feels like a classic. 25 electoral votes.
  • Grizzly - liked the queue. Liked the ride, too. Starts a little slow, then gradually grows out of control. 30 electoral votes.
  • Shock Wave - am I insane? I loved this ride! Not rough, just powerful. Granted, I neck-punched myself in the helix, but at least my ears didn't get boxed (cough... Iron Wolf... cough). Can't beat a last (bicycle) seat ride. Did it twice... because I'm that insane. Mmm... 28 electoral votes.
  • Anaconda - ok, Shock Wave did give me brain damage. I loved the 'conda! Great drop, great tunnel, great location, and great hangtime in the corkscrews. Almost good enough to make me forget that rough spot at the bottom of the butterfly that felt like the train hit a large bear on the tracks. 29 electoral votes.
  • Avalanche - better than an Intamin bobsled, but a little too bumpy. I thought ice was smooth. 22 electoral votes.
  • Volcano - the California of electoral votes. Why aren't there more of these? WHY?!? Fantastic ride. 47 electoral votes.
  • Flight of Fear - what is this park's obsession with 4 inversions? Great ride. 34 electoral votes.
  • Rebel Yell (backward) - backwards better even! 27 electoral votes.

Miscellaneous - Drop Zone was down all day, which led to much cursing and profanity. The more popular rides did a decent job of keeping the lines moving, but all the woodies were running one train, making a station wait close to unbearable.

Election results - a very nice park. Great coaster selection. It seems like it's missing a big-hitter of a ride, like a Beast or an Apollo's Chariot, but still... great park.

"Virginia is for (coaster) lovers."
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Nice TR, Olsor. Love the rating system! I really do hope Hurler gets some surgery in the offseason; in its lifetime it has never been so rough as it has this year.
Lol...electoral votes...very nice! So is it the president of theme parks? Veep? Secretary of the Interior? (after hitting the large bear, i'm not sure that would go over too well with the voting population)...

Btw...(can't resist)...I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!

LOL! *** Edited 9/10/2004 3:45:06 AM UTC by BigJim4Life***

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I didn't read the entire TR, what does the topic title mean?
He's referring to the fact that all of the PKD's inverting coasters only invert four times each. It wasn't that hard to figure out.
Shockwave only inverts once...;)

There are no bad coasters, only better coasters!!

And Rebel yell doesn't invert at all. Nevertheless....fantastic trip report!

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Yes, Love the layout and rating system! I actually feel your ratings of rides was spot on with mine(I like Shockwave and anaconda as well!), but I just want to get my HXLC credit one of these days!

If you want to ride a *good* hurler, go to NC/SC boarder for a good ride.

If you want to ride a *Great* hurler, go to Kentucky;).

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