PKD 8/18/01-Hypersonic xlc and Rebell yell re-ride

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Sunday, August 19, 2001 9:41 AM
Well after weeks of planning we finally made the trip down to PKD.Driving all the way from Mannassas VA.along I-95 the traffic was stop and go almost the entire trip but picked up once we neared the park.We arrived shortly after 2pm and headed first for the Eiffel tower,it has been 2 years since our last visit so we wanted to get our bearings back and plan our ride agenda.First off we headed for Hypersonic which of course had a long line.we waited for almost an hour with no movement at allthe ride attendant said that they weren't letting anyone in the line because they had to cycle everyone else throughso we just headed over to the hurler and continued to work our way around the park in a counter clockwise fashion.We did however manage to finally ride hypersonic later in the day however.Now on to the rides.

Hurler-1 lap. This coaster was a walk on.The ride was a bit rough but full of some good air.It still has a lot of speed and some good positive and negative g's.However the trains need a new paint job

Rebel yell-2 laps. (daytime)First lap foward.A great ride with lots of speed and force once again a little on the rough side,same for the backwards ride(2nd lap)I consider this to be a PKD classic,it has aged well in the past 26 years.

Anaconda-1 lap. Lines for this ride were long but moved fast. I kinda like the new paint scheme.the only slow part was hitting the trims on the way out of the 2nd loop,we almost came to a complete halt exiting the trims.This coaster has also aged well in 10 years.

Flight of fear- 1 lap.Once again long slow line but at least the interior zig zgas of the que were not being used.However we had several line jumpers,we even told the attenant who said those people were just re- joining their group.If I'm not mistaken if you get out of line for any reason you must re-enter at the back of the line and wait like everyone else.While atempting to photograph the interior que I ened up hitting the film rewind instead of the flash and wasted that roll of film,at least I got some hypersonic pic's though.This ride has improved with the lap bars.(SFA if you are listening please get lap bars for the joker's jinx)The air time was absolutely amazing.

Volcano-.After entering the que we soon realized that the wait was almost 2 hours so we got outta there pretty fast.

Avalanche-.Same situation as volcano.

Shockwave-1 lap.Long but fast moving lines.Once we got up to the gates however they announced that they were shutting down temorarally due to a lost item check(a pair of sunglasses)Once onboard however the ride was okay but not all that great,too short too much head banging.I think the extra seat belt is a waste of time.I do not think it would really hold you in if the restraint were to accidently release.

After shockwave we decided to head for Grizzly.Once we got near hypersonic however we see that the line is indeed moving so we jumped in line.

Hypersonic xlc.1 lap.After waiting nearly 2 hours in line.At least they were running 2 trains. Our chance to ride this monster finally arrives.Adding to the terror was the fact that it was already past sunset when we finally got on.We took our places in the front seat and pulled out to the launch pad.This ride is short but sweetI highly recommend it it is worth the wait.We take off down the runway and shoot straight up achieving some grat airtime on the way over the top and then back downover the camelback and into the brakes.

Grizzly.-2 laps.once again another walk on.This is one of my favorite night rides.The turn around into the 2nd drop was fast this time not as slow as usual and the ride was chock full of airtime and head choppers.We should have done what we did on Rebel yell however and just stayed on as there was no wait.

NOW into the home stretch of the report,last stop Rebel yell.

Rebel yell.(night time forwards and backwards.too many laps to count.We get in line for this ride forwards first and once again it was a great ride we beat the backwards train once because they were stuck at the bottom of the lift.(I think my sister was on that train,she did say that she got stuck on the backwards side at least once).After wards we do the ride backwards and lose the race.The forward train didn't even stop on the station block brakes,ours did however.Afterwards we hit the forward side again and rode on up till closing.We must have gotten in 7 or 8 laps without having to get off the train.However it was our turn to get stuck.We were half way up the lift and came to a dead stop,It appears that somebody's lap bar was not closed properly so they had to send an attendant up to re- check the entire train.We did eventually get going again and were able to complete the final ride of the night.Afterwards we headed back to the Eiffel tower to rejoin the rest of the group who arrived at around 4 pm.

well that about wraps up my trip to PKD.In a couple of weeks I'll be heading out to SFA again,I will post a full report of that trip as soon as I can.
Happy coastering!

CF/RJ prez.
Tuesday, August 21, 2001 6:50 PM
I like your trip report on PKD.
I also enjoy when you said SFA if you are listening get new lap bars for the Joker's Jinx).
I am still working on the PKD trip pic on I'll should have them done by Friday at the latest.
Sunday, August 26, 2001 7:29 AM
The extra seatbelt on Shockwave was added because of the guy who broke out of the upper restraint and killed himself in 1999.
Sunday, August 26, 2001 7:42 AM
Yes I know about the Shockwave death in 99. That was  a really tragic loss but that's what happens when you willfully disobey the safety guidelines for the ride.
Tuesday, August 28, 2001 1:05 PM
awesome report, but i only had to wait 20 minutes for hypersonic! then i rode shockwave, anaconda (twice), grizzly, volcano (twice), flight of fear, rebel yell (three times), hurler (twice), and Avalanche

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