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Thursday, August 14, 2003 4:46 PM
I'm just going to give a rundown of the rides. I'm a season pass holder by the way and this is my 5th or 6th visit this year.

GRIZZLY - We rode this during the day and when it was pitch black. The day ride was kinda boring I must admit. When we hit the brake run I was like "O...K" I guess I wasn't really into it because usually I hit Volcano as the first ride. Oh well. Now at night this thing kicks ass! I love how you can't even see the first drop or the bottom because of the darkness. It would be cool if they turned them spotlights off at the turnaround. Rode the very back twice.

VOLCANO - Hmmmmm, I swear this thing is running faster than usual. I was used to just "crawling" out the top, but now this thing just whips through that inversion. We were flying through them heartlines too. I remember thinking as we plowed through the final drop: "I sure hope the brakes can bring us to a stop!" I swear they have cranked Volcano up this year! We rode again at night. I love the darkness in and behind the mountain.

FOF - This is my favorite coaster at the park. The thememing, the preshow video, the lighting effects, EVERYTHING! We rode 4 times. Twice in the back, once in the middle, and once in the very front. This thing was flying also! It brought us to a complete stop on the midcourse. Normally it'll bring you to a crawl. I did notice that on one of the trains there was a slight vibration, like one of the wheels had gum on it or something. It slowed the train down. Someone mentioned that the pre-launch spiels were back...well, they are back, but not the same ones they used to have.These are new ones! At the beginning of the season I got to ride it without the colored lights on in the dome. It was PITCH BLACK! I guess the worker forget to turn the lights back on. That is an experience I will never forget!

ANACONDA - I don't know what it is, but I always feel sick when I get off of it. I love the splash effects! We rode once in the very front. I love watching it go down the first drop.

HURLER - This thing has killer airtime! We rode once. My only complaint on this ride is that it takes FOREVER to get to the damn station! Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?! This thing has gotten a lil rough over the years, but oh well.

REBEL YELL(forward) - My friend didn't wanna go backwards. This thing has gotten a lil rough too, but anyway.

AVALANCHE - This ride is always fun. I love how it picks up speed at the end. I rode it earlier in the season without the trim and it felt like the thing was gonna fly off the track!

DROP ZONE - This ride is a perfect 10. I rode twice. This is the only ride that makes me scream...catch my breath...and then have time to scream again. The drop is ridiculously long. You think the brakes should be kickin' in, but yet it keeps falling. I was floating into the restraint the entire way down. The view at the top is just phenomenal. I wish they left you up there a little longer though. Ya know, to add to the suspense :-)

WHITE WATER CANYON - We rode twice. This was actually my first time riding it at night. It was awesome. i get soaked both times! The lady was having a field day with those water cannons! She squirted us like 4 times and got a direct hit each time! You get much wetter on Roman Rapids @ BGW though.

SPONGEBOB 3D - This attraction is ok. It makes me laugh!

We didn't ride Shockwave,Hypersonic or Richocet. I only ride shockwave when the line is inside the station. I don't ride Hypersonic much. I only ride it if the person I'm with wants to ride. I don't dislike the ride...It's the line I dislike! I prefer Wild Maus @ BGW over Richocet. Sometimes they don't even use the trims on Richocet. Oh well.

We got to the park @ 2:00 and stayed til closing(10:00). The lines weren't bad. Grizzly, Rebel Yell, Hurler, Anaconda, were walkon's. Well thats all folks!


Thursday, August 14, 2003 5:08 PM
Great TR! I had noticed the speed on Volcano, but I couldn't place whether it was faster than it was before or not.

I was the one that mentioned about the pre-launch spiels... You say that they're new ones, but I remembered hearing some that I recognized, including one that ended in 'Outer Limits' and one that goes like 'You are among the first to come with us to our world'.

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