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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 9:20 AM
What a great day we had here. Me, my wife, two daughters(10,15) and nephew(7) absolutely loved this place.

Before I mention the park I must mention the accomodations. We decided to stay at the Best Western right outside the park. We paid $109/night and were very pleased. The pool was open till midnight. THey have great inhouse pizza. The Denny's is a little pricey, but other than that it's fine.

We hit gates of the park at 9:30. At 10:00 they let us in for season pass ERT on Volcanon. This is a great ride in the front seat. After riding this a couple times, me and my daughters left to get in line for Hypersonic, while my wife and nephew went to the Nic. area.

My one complaint with PKD was the way the opened the Hypersonic line. THey opened the queues gradually. Because of this a lot of people were able to cut in line, even with security all around. PKD did have two trains running on Hypersonic so the line was quicker than in the past. This ride is one sweet rush. I've never experienced anything like it.

Following H:XLC we went to ride the Hurler and Rebel Yell. These are both adequate woodies. After this my wife and oldest daughter went to ride Shockwave while I took the other kids to dodgems.

We went back to the hotel for lunch. My youngest daughter and I went back to the park while the others rested. We rode the antique cars, Eagle Flyers, Grizzly and the log flume. I thought the Flyers were fun but the wait was too long. THere was no wait for Grizzly. I'm not a big fan of this coaster. I thought this coaster was boring 14 years ago and I still think it's boring. It's that first turn around that kills the whole ride.

Then we met the others and went to meet Blue and let the kids ride the turnpike. This is the coolest car ride for kids I have ever seen. Following this we let the kids ride some more kid rides and we all rode scooby's ghoster coaster. This is a fun little wooden roller coaster. We were able to get a great onride photo of four of us so we bought the photo.
We went on to Avalanche which is a typical bobsled coaster then on to Anaconda, which was nearly a walk on. Afeter this we rode flight of Fear, which had a very short wait. I guess every one rides Volcano and Hypersonic. FOF is so cool. My favorite parts are the launch and the twist at the end of the ride. On a side note, I rode Jokers Jinks at SFA a couple days later and hated it, it's amazing the difference restraints can make. We ended the day by riding berserker, which is one of those swinging boat rides,only this one goes all the way around.

My family voted this the best park on our trip. It is a good all around park. In my opinion though, PKD would benefit from a good wooden coaster. The ones they have now are merely adequate.
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 6:11 PM

The turnaround does kill it. We saw a movie and it crawls right though it. Dead Space. Love the ride though. Nice TR.

"Bathroom 1 looks too intense for me"-Ed Markey
Thursday, July 12, 2001 12:58 PM
Pointman, I agree with you about Grizzly. It is a nice park, especially for the young ones, but I feel it's missing a key component of any good park. That is a good variety of flat rides. I believe you can count the non-kiddie flat rides on one hand. Still, I'm looking forward to my first ride on Hypersonic and FOF without OTSR's.

Batwing-Bow Down
Thursday, July 12, 2001 1:14 PM
Actually, I find Grizzly to be the "least offensive" of the woodies there though I despise the turnaround. I'm glad that someone digs PKD. I knew that *somebody* had to like it. I guess it's just not for me...

BTW I-Fan: I'm gonna head up to SFA tonite arriving circa 7pm just for some quick S:ROS rides. You up to it?


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