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Monday, July 16, 2001 7:12 AM
My rating system: 1 smile=worst, 5 smiles=best.

Paramount’s Kings Dominion was a nice surprise. It was generally a clean park for most of the day, but at night it became trashed. There are quite a few things to do here but we managed to get in all of the coasters except for Taxi Jam.

The moment we pulled into the parking lot I saw fire blowing out of Volcano. I got so excited I went strait to it.

Volcano: The Blast Coaster (2 laps):The launches are great. All three barrel rolls are great too. On the third barrel roll I came out of my seat. This was my first Intamin coaster and its a winner (especially at night). :) :) :) :)

Avalanche (1 lap):Good twists and turns. We rode in the USA car. Yeah! :) :) :)

Flight Of Fear (1 lap):The launch and the whole entire first half of the ride is excellent. Once you get to the brakes (that almost stops the ride completely) the ride goes down from there. It just kind of wanders around at a slow pace and throws in a corkscrew at the end. Yikes, I can see how rough this coaster would be with OTSR’s. The transitions were very jerky. :) :) :)

Rebel Yell (1 lap backwards):My dad went on it forwards and told me it was the worst coaster he has ever been on. I went backwards and I thought it was fun. Not too rough with some nice airtime. :) :) :)

Hurler (1 lap):A decent woodie. Good airtime over the bunny hops but nothing outstanding. :) :) :)

Grizzly (2 laps):Probably the best woodie in the park although the first turn really could be better. I love the little pop of airtime in the tunnel. Scary! :) :) :)

Hypersonic XLC (1 lap):We finally made are way over to the H:XLC’s line. They told us it was broken down so we waited outside the line. Many people were leaving the line to go elsewhere. The line finally opened after some 30 minutes of testing. We waited a total of one and a half hours. A tip to keeping your insanity while waiting in line: watch people’s faces when they launch. Its hilarious. As we finally got to the station we boarded the back seat. They weighed the train and off we went. From watching the lights for so long I knew exactly when it would launch. There is nothing like this launch, its incredible.You are up there in a blink of an eye, and then comes the airtime at the top. The turn, the bunny hop, its all over so fast. I loved it. Everything else you have heard, its true. :) :) :) :) :)

Shockwave (1 lap):Standing airtime is about the only quality of this coaster. The first drop is OK too. We rode in the front. I couldn’t remember Jeff’s way of riding stand ups. Oh well. :) :)

Anaconda (1 lap):The setting of this coaster is nice. The lake really adds to the ride. I found it fairly smooth except for the sharp turns. :) :) :)

Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster (2 laps):The park is almost closed and this was the only coaster we hadn’t been on. SDGC is the best kiddie coaster I have been on. We got two rides in a row in the very back seat. :) :)

7th Portal (1 ride):Eh, Spiderman is better. :) :) :)

Souvenirs:One Hypersonic water bottle and a Hypersonic on ride photo.

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