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Sunday, July 1, 2001 5:37 PM
Today I went to PKD and rode Hypersonic XLC 2 times, and Volcano 1 time with less than 1.5 hrs of waiting.

Seem that at opening XLC was closed and people went elsewhere to enjoy the park. this was when we arrived at the park, about 1/2 after opening. They had just opened the ride, and the sign said 90 wait it was more like 1 hr. Then we went to check out volcano, 90min wait but they were issuing express lane passes for 4 to 4:30 took one and moved on......

Went to see the Hot Latin Beats show (not bad at all) when the show ended, we went toward hypersonic and noticed it was down again, as we got real close to the entrance it began tesing and before you know it we were on, with very little wait...... than later on back to Volcano and we're on in a flash with the express lane ticket.

Only complaints on the day was the formerly manicured shubbery has been ignored, and a show that was closed was announced as beginning in 15 mins..........

Surprise of the day

African acrobat show on midway in candy apple grove


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