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Well it was my first trip to my homepark of the season, and it was a great day for the park..It was dead, and the weather was very nice, probably in the low 80s.

At the middle gate behind the Eiffel Tower, the security guard informed us that at 10:20, if we held gold season passes we would be let down to the next gate, which is right by Shockwave, so that at 10:30 we could be first in line to whichever ride we choose. So, this was great, as me and my partner were first in line for Hypersonic XLC. True to form, it opened up probably 30 minutes later, but we didnt dare leave, because the line had grown pretty long. Anyways, we got the first seat on the first train of the day. Speaking of the trains, I'm definitely NOT a fan of the new seats. I have a 48'' wide chest and even wider shoulders, and these new fully padded wrap around seats were very snug against my shoulders. Which is fine i guess, because I didnt move the entire ride, but it was actually not very comfortable. To me, the best seats ever were the first season's trains....unobstructed view, with a very narrow headrest. *SIGH* Anyways, XLC still delivers the best launch I've ever been on, and I've been on plenty. However, it was a little shakier than i remember it being, especially in the turn around.

We left XLC to hit Volcano. Front seat ride, 20 minute wait. Again, this is a very underrated coaster, people complain its boring with just barrel rolls, but to me, I think its very intense. Nothing beats blasting out of the mountain in the front seat. But again, and I'm not being picky, but V:TBC was quite ..dare i say...SHAKY. There was alot of vibration going on , both times that i rode it. Nothing uncomfortable, but definitely not what i was used to.

After VTBC, we hit Flight of Fear. I LOVE Premier's rides, especially their spaghetti bowls. Back seat ride, 10 minute wait. AGAIN, SHAKY !! Actually, my baby delivered the roughest ride ive ever had on her, the train vibrated so bad that i thought it was going to fly apart. Maybe it needs new wheels? I love an intense coaster, and to me a little roughness is good, because i love an Arrow looper. I was just a little shocked that the park's 3 main launch attractions were so rattly and shaky. Maybe they were all having a bad day running, who knows :)

Drop Zone was almost a non wait, still gets my stomach every time i ride it, and the view from the top is unreal.

The new Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion ride looks very nice, the park did a great job with the scenery, the foggy bubbling swamp, etcetc. Fun little ride, and definitely the longest wait of the day, at 30 minutes.

Grizzly was running mean as always, but my biggest surprise of the day was....Rebel Yell. It must have been having a great day of running, or maybe the track had been greased recently, because we sat in the last seat, and i got major air down the first hill, the 3rd hill, and the turn around, and floater air over nearly ever hill on the way back to the station. I was impressed ! Rebel had never ran so good, and I hope it wasnt a one time thing.

We left the park around 3pm, having done everything there and walked until my feet were hurting. And it was a good thing, because about 2 hours later the area had some of the worst thunderstorms. Thanks for reading guys !

Sounds like you had a good time but some rather shaky rides on a few of the coasters.

Last season both HS:XLC & V:TBC were running on the rough side when I went to the park...HS:XLC was really banging as it went through the "S" curve before the drop into the brakes & V:TBC was just plain rough with more head banging than you could shake a stick at.

I'm headed to PKD in early july & hopefully I'll have a better ride on V:TBC than last year but if not there's always the Grizz & it's smoothness to look forward to.

I've ridden HSXLC once this year and I got the same experience. I thought the trains were quite horrible. Seats weren't padded. During the launch and turn around my head was much like a bobblehead. Overall, uncomfortable, worse trains of the three.

On Rebel Yell the airtime I usually experience is off the lift and either entering or exiting the far turnaround. Anything else would be a surprise. I'd love to know which direction you were facing and what seat you were in, because I'd love to receive that much airtime on Rebel Yell.

WDWCP - Spring 2006 - Entertainment
Yeah i was surprised by the airtime on Rebel Yell. I sat in the last seat of the forward train. Like i said, it was the first time i'd ever had a ride on Rebel like that, and i hope it wont be the last !

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