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Well this was my first time at the park and I had a great experience. This was a family trip but luckily my brother’s girlfriend loves rollercoaster’s. It took us about 4 hours to get to the hotel on Thursday night.

Friday morning I woke up and was ready to go. We ended up getting to the park first and at 10:00 the gates opened. Just me and my brothers girlfriend went cause we were going to do all the big coaster so Saturday we could spend time with the family and I could let my daughter do the kids stuff.

The park is beautiful. International Street is one of the best entrances I have seen in a park besides Hershey. The people were very friendly throughout the park. We were headed to Volcano first of course so we found our way to the entrance area of the kid’s area. The guard was very nice as we had to wait 30 minutes...she must have said 10:30 1,000 times.... At 10:30 we were headed to Volcano and had to walk :-( I walked up to it I was so excited cause I have always wanted to get on it. We headed in the line.

Volcano - (2 trains) 5 minute wait - 3rd favorite coaster now behind MF and the Chiller...the first launch is very fast and comes out of nowhere...the second blasts you very quickly and then u are going straight though the volcano. The inversions are very fun and alot of hang time. One of the best themed coasters I have been on too.

Flight of Fear - (2 trains) 5 minute wait - This coaster is just like Jokers Jinx at Six flags America, which I really liked. This is just a bit better because it's an indoor coaster. After the midcourse brakes it’s kind of slow and boring but the first part/indoor effect make up for the second part of the ride.

Anaconda - (2 Trains) no wait - I was expecting more from this coaster but when I got off, I was like "was that even worth 5 minutes?" it's size it just didn't do anything for me. It wasn’t a bad coaster but I would rather ride any other coaster there over it.

Hypersonic - (2 Trains) 40 minute wait - While waiting in-line I was kind of getting nervous. When we finally got on the ride, I was getting so excited. Then we went to the launch area and then we took off...the ride was amazing even with it being so short (glad we got on ...Saturday it didn’t open until like 2 and it was a 2 hours wait). The launch was the best I have been on and the hill was awesome going straight up and straight back down.

Rebel Yell/forward - (1 train) 10 minute wait - This coaster was really fun and fast. The hill before the turnaround really lifts you out of your seat and was the best part of the ride.... the tunnel before the brakes came out of nowhere since I have never been on it before...Great wooden coaster.

Rebel Yell/Backwards - (1 train) No wait - I have never been on a wooden coaster that goes backward so it was pretty interesting. The first drop was very weird seeing the people in front of you...I was laughing the whole time. The hill before the turnaround was just as good as the forward side

Grizzly (2 trains) No wait - I was amazed that you could hardly see the coaster from any park of the park really...except in Hypersonic's line. The setting for it was very different in was in the woods. This made it for a fun ride. The part after the second drop was insane and though me all was great! LOVE THIS ONE

After this we rode the worst coaster i (and my brothers girlfriend) have even been on in OUR life.... even worse then Viper at Great Adventure

THE HURLER...nothing to say except...ill never get on that thing again. I love a ruff coaster but that wasn't even a bit fun...nothing else to

Next we rode rebel yell a few times then went back to Volcano...only a 35 minute wait before we went to Dennis to meet my family. After dinner we went into the park. My daughter (4 years old) was so excited...we rode the Scooby-Doo coaster and it was a great ride for the kids. Next was the haunted mansion, which I scored a 1350.... beat it started to rain so we left the park which my daughter screamed

Next day coming soon...need to get back to
Typing may not be good cause i was in a

Saturday was a really busy day compared to friday it was 75 and sunny alll day long.

We tried to ride Volcano again but my brother had to use the bathroon right at 10:30! so when we finally got to volcano it was too long so we headed over to Rebel Yell..still was a good ride. My daughter(4 years old) was just tall enough to get on it and she loved it!! I have been talking to her about coaster forever so she wouldnt be scared and she wasnt.

Hypersonic wasn't open but it was testing (it didnt open until late afternoon with a long wait)

Wild mouse - 10 minute wait... This i thought was a good one. I heard people talking about that it wasn't that great but i liked it....we got on like 10 times thoughout the daughter laughed the whole time on it!

Avalance - 15 minute wait - 3 trains...I have only been on DT at cedar point so it was a new expereiece for me. It went alot faster then i thought it would and we both liked it.

We then rode Grizzly but it was kinda throwing my daughter around but she liked it. We decided she couldn't get on it again.

Then we did the log flume and rapids...they has the longest waits of the day...each at least 40 minutes....the rapids was not the best cause i have been on the one at hershey and it has so many waterfalls...the ride ops were fun though cause they kept spraying us at the second point that you have to wait and talking to us on the speakers.

We rode more coasters, the haunted mansion and a few flat rides. Then met our parents and did the Effiel tower and Spongebob (which was really fun)

Then headed over to see how Volcano'S LINE was while my parentS did rides with my daughter. While we were talking back cause it was still a long line..Drop Zone was at the top for a bit and a lady sitting down said it was stuck up there for like 8 minutes....then it was lowered down slowly but reopened later

Night came and the wooden coaster were sooo much fun at night....Grizzly was the best at night, it was insane(4 rides). Then rode Rebel Yell 4 more times WITH my daughter who was asking the backwards people "are u ok? u scared?" cause we were going up the same time. We sat in the front seat that time and it was even better then all the other rides on it.

we DIDNT ride Shockwave cause i really dont like standups....although now i wish i did ride it once. People are saying it going to be taken down but it had a long line all day long filling the whole i dont think they will take it out....

There is a Tomb Raider sign by the old Diamond Falls site...maybe ill go back next year if its something good.

The park is very family friendlyt but also offers great coasters. The landscaping was nice in every part of the park. This was a really good trip and I can't wait to go back next year if i can.

Sounds like you really had a good time & you're right when you say that Grizzly is among the best wood in the entire park,while Hurler(a.k.a firewood the ride)isn't worth the land it even sits on.

The only thing wrong with the Grizz is that they removed so many trees from the area surrounding the ride due to HS:XLC's construction...but a couple of night rides surely makes up for it.

I'm headed down there for my annual trip next month & I hope to see HS:XLC running at least two or maybe 3 trains & I'll give the new dark ride a shot as well as triple july 10th can't seem to get here fast enough.

Glad to hear that you got on Avalanche....every time I go near the darn thing it breaks down,I've also got to get a lap in on the log flume seeing as I havn't ridden it in ages mainly because the lines are so long.

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