PKD 5/29/02-Rob and Kristins Lliasion ;)

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this is going to be sure that KicksTheSky and Robodud will do their own trip report on this one

anyway, it was their first time at PKD...they are on a trip that encompasses BGW, PKD, SFA, SFGadv, and Dorney....first i gotta say that i had a BLAST at the park with these two!! they cracked me up, and i greatly enjoyed their company!!! and their PCvideos of PKI and CP taken by STChick...haha, Kara, your hilarious

anyway, the park was not very crowded, the longest wait we had was a morning front seat ride on Volcano, about 35-40 min....about everything else was 15 min or less, it was awesome. i will note that Hypersonic is testing very often, and it looks like a greand reopening could be VERY we will have to keep our fingers crossed on that one....

well i will let Rob (robodud) and Kristin (Kicksthesky) tell their version of their exciting trip...i also met them the previous night, 5/28 for the last few hours at BGW, then went down to VA Beach with them....hopefully Rob will share the forever hilarious discovery of that trip....take care fellow buzzers!!

Tim (coaster...uhh, what coaster??) haha....inside jokes are the best:-D

"hi, my name is Tim, and im a coasterholic"...."Hi Tim!!" hehe

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Awwww....Thanks so much for the report, I miss my Ohioans! Uh oh, should I be scared that another Buzzer has found out JUST how insane I am ;)? Glad you had a great time, and that PKD treated everyone well. The dangerous trio reunites in one afraid, be very afraid.

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O geeeeez, I can't wait to spend the day with your group at coastermania Khara, Kara, Karha, Car-uh, whatever!;)

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I think the trip to the beach was worth while. This was mine and Kristin's first time being at the ocean together. I also think it was the first time Tim and Kristin witnessed a "sand coaster." ;) How about that double down?

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Kara, how uch for a copy of those videos? i wanna see em!

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Here's the story you've all been waiting for:

Rob, Tim, and I all drove about an hour from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach to ride Crazy Mouse, a Reverchon spinning wild mouse coaster that was built in 2000 at Motorworld. Well, we got to the park and couldn’t find a coaster anywhere, but we did notice a boarded up ticket booth with a shattered glass window. Hmm…that’s not a good sign…

We made our way into the park, and approached an employee at one of the go-kart tracks.

Us: “Excuse me, can you tell us where your rollercoaster is?”

Employee: “Uh..what coaster?”

Us: “We saw on the internet that you have a wild mouse coaster.”

Employee: “OHH yeah..that coaster. We’re under new management now, and they took it out.”

As we walked away, we totally lost it and about died laughing the entire way back to the car. The classic question "What coaster?" will indeed live on forever as a running joke between the three of us. It would be interesting to know what happened to it, and if it's operating somewhere else now. The employee sure didn't know.

Cool, you guys was at PKD I was prolly workin that day. I work at the action fx theatre. it has 7th portal and metoer attack there. :-) Oh yeah, I dont think hypersonic will open til late summer or maybe next year. That is what I heard.

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