PKD 5/19/02...HORRIFYING sight :(

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had myself a quick coaster fix this to the park about 6:40 pm, and in less then 90 minutes got 2 rides on Anaconda, 1 on Shockwave, 3 on Rebel Yell, 1 on Hurler, and 2 on Grizzly!! gotta love it ;)

anyway, about that horrifying sight as noted in my subject line....while walking thru the queue to Grizzly's stationhouse, i noticed that Hypersonic's trains are back!! however.....after a slight squint of the eye, i SWEAR i think i saw OTSR's!!! now, it was either that or some kind of new panel that comes around or down the side of the seat back...but man, it really looked like OTSR's. no es bueno if this is so....i guess we shall see....

Tim (who spent this lovely 80 min period at his home park, DESPITE having sprained his ankle hours before on a stupid trampoline....i am, my friends, what you would call a coaster freak :-D)

"hi, my name is Tim, and im a coasterholic"...."Hi Tim!!" hehe:)

now that sucks! sure you didnt forget your glasses at home? you may not need them but lets hope thats NOT what you saw! this better not be will changed the whole good part of a vertical drop. if dadonpa dont need em, why xlc?
Hyper should be ready next weekend so we'll see.
I've heard this on another board and it's not otsr's, instead it is some sort of roll cage like device that was added in order to prevent riders from putting thier hands up during launch,I could be wrong though.I guess I'll find out when and if I ever get down there this season.
I knew it! There's something to those evil cages, I tell you!

It hurt NOT putting the hands up for that launch. It was hard NOT to, LOL. The second or two before launch, the train would jerk, I thought she was taking off, so I was to try to throw my hands up ASAP after launch, but NO! It's a split second before take-off. That's when EVERYBODY started throwing hands up there, LOL. I know it's one powerful launch, I didn't intend to put my hands up, but others were being obvious throwing theirs up. There are signs & warnings about it, it's not a chance they want to play around with.

Can they be THIS serious about it? I guess so.

I saw these last week & heard the ops walking back there speaking of the horrid cages.
I talked just a little about them in my TR, I was hoping it wasn't true.

If the cage will keep your hands down during launch, chances are it'll make it impossible to get them up after the launch.
AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It's horrible, makes 'em me sick;(.

Maybe it'll have grips for us to HOLD? Possible? I don't think so but it's wishful.
Let's just hope for the best out of the replacement trains for NEXT season.......

Screamscape has some pics of the new trains but i see no OTSR...
yeah, after seeing those Screamscape pics, i dont think it is OTSR's....but i swear, it sure looked like them from a distance....hopefully we will have the chance to see up close very soon :)

"hi, my name is Tim, and im a coasterholic"...."Hi Tim!!" hehe:)

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