PKD 5/17/03 "Minor Adjustments"

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Saturday at PKD was cold and the lines were long. Luckily, it started raining. :) If you can stand a little cold rain, there are no lines at all! Everything was up and running all day except for a few "minor adjustments" which I will explain below.

At 10:00, we decided to see Spongebob 3-D to kill time until the coasters opened. I admit that I love Spongebob, so this 3-D film was excellent. Very funny. The non 3-D thing on the other side was really bad. I don't even remember the name of it, but it was bad. They should have kept Smash Factory.

At 10:30, we decided to do Hypersonic first. This was a good plan because we only had to wait 15 min. for the front seat. I still love this ride! What a way to start the day.

Next, we went straight to Drop Zone. The only thing I have ever been on that was even close was DDFF, so I was breaking my neck looking up saying OMG. The line was not bad yet and would have only been a 15 min. wait until we heard "Drop Zone has temporarily shut down for a minor adjustment". A lot of people left, but we stayed and only had to wait about 10 min. (Long enough for maintenance to walk around it one time and cycle it twice.) We ended up getting the "blue" side which was where I wanted to be. I don't know why...just wanted the front area. The ride up was the scariest. It gets faster about 1/2 way up. When we started to drop, my first reaction was to look down. What a rush.......excellent ride! The stop was very smooth.

After this, we walked to Volcano, but the line was already very long. Same thing with FOF. Anaconda was not bad, but we were saving that for later. We went back to Hurler and saw that all of the coasters now had very long lines. We would just have to endure them.

At 2:00, we had to go to the Ampitheatre to meet my daughter and her schoolmates. They were singing in the Choral Fest. (They scored a Superior 90 out of 100 points.) They were one happy bunch of little kids! Afterwards, little Ashley and her little friend Ashley :) tagged along with us. Even though they both just barely got their purple wrist bands and could ride anything, they would have nothing to do with the big stuff. It was funny because they actually said "Volcano looks too intense for me". Hehe. We took Ashley and Ashley over to Anaconda and let them ride. The line moved fast and they rode together holding their little hands up the whole way. Very cute.

We all agreed to do Drop Zone again, but the girls backed out at the last minute. Big surprise. Another parent watched them while we got in line. We waited about 40 mins. and were once again in the "blue" section. I was in my seat buckled up and ready to go. Nothing happened. After about 2 mins. I heard "Drop Zone has temporarily shut down for a minor adjustment". We got out of our seats and back behind the gate. Maintenance walked in front of us and I heard one of them say "The magnet is loose". What!! To clarify himself, he looked at us and said "On the gate". Whew! The gate would not close causing the ride not to operate. It only took about 10 mins. to do this "minor adjustment" and we were back in our seats. This time, I decided not to hang on for the drop. Again, big rush!

It was raining steadily by now and we saw that there was virtually no line at all for the coasters. We were able to re-ride the 3 wood coasters several times over. (Everytime we would get back into the station and there would be nobody there, A & A would yell "One more time". This went on and on.) We rode until we got tired and wanted to move on.

By 9:00, it was still very cold and very rainy. We decided to head out, but saw Hypersonic running with hardly any wait time at all. We could not resist so we got in line. We went for the backseat. After about 10 mins. we were next in line. Then I heard "Hypersonic had temporarily shut down for a minor adjustment". This time, I saw what happened. The 15 year old kid in front of us went to buckle his seat belt and it just came right off! He was just holding it in his hand. What a sight. They got back off and behind the gate while maintenance fixed it. They had to cycle the trains 2-3 times as the computer mandated so the whole downtime was about 10-15 mins. The poor guy in front of us asked the ride op if he could get in the other train. Can't say that I blame him! We finally got our ride. Thankfully the seats in front of us blocked the rain. Another great ride on H:XLC.

We did leave after this. (Well, we did stop at the candy store :) ) I was more impressed this year with PKD because the ride ops seemed a lot nicer and the park had attendents in every restroom throughout the day maintaining order. Very good. And the fact that all rides were up and running all day.....except for the few adjustments. A good day except for the weather, which turned out to be a good thing for us as far as the lines!
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Whoa, kinda scared me there with the whole magnet thing. Glad you had a great time! I enjoyed your Trip Report :)
hey Lorrie... We got inline when DZ was having the temporary maintenance thingy. We could've been on the same ride! It was awesome. I brought my camcorder and recorded the whole thing! lol
I went the week before you and it was almost the same thing as far as the weather and the lines. Is that choral festival 2 weekends because I know I was there on the 10th and there was a festival that day too. That would be a big reason for lines those days.
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