PKD 4/5 and 4/6

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I headed down to PKD for my first trip of 04. My girlfriend came along with me for her first trip to the park. This would also be our vacation since she is going into the army next month. We left home around 10 to avoid the bad DC traffic on the beltway and I-95. We got there around 12 and had our season passes developed.

It was pretty windy and kinda cold this day. She doesent like rollercoasters, so with the exception of Volcano with she rode on her own power to make her friend thats in the army happy, I literally had to drag her on every coaster....with the exception of Shockwave, I rode that alone, I wasn't about to make her ride that torture train. Did the new Scooby ride, really cool. Kind of like the MIB ride at Universal. Went to our hotel at 6 when the park closed.

Next day was a lot nicer. She forced me on Beserker for the first time. I've never been on the ride in the 12 years I've been going to the park. I've been on Top Thrill Dragster and other giant coasters, but for some reason Beserker scares me. I got her to ride Hypersonic front row with me, so she forced me on Berserker two more times for that. Did Log Flume and White Water Canyon also......buuuur. Not the best weather for that. Overall the first trip was very good. Other then the construction, the park is pretty much the same. Still my favorite, and it was nice to have a romantic getaway there for once.

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