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Saturday, March 23, 2002 1:08 PM

i went to the park today with my dad, brother(11yrs) and sister(8yrs). i started the day with a ride on volcano, and the rest of my family headed towards the FX theater.

in line for volcano, i was talking to a few people, and found a single rider. we talked a little bit and he seemed to know alot about coasters too. i asked him if he goes to this site alot(coasterbuzz)and he said yes. he said his name on the site is coasterharry. so today was also the first day for me meeting a fellow buzzer.

we took a front row seat(always!)and it was pretty normal all up until the exit at the top of the volcano. now im not sure if it was because it was just the first couple runs of the day(im sure they test it alot, but i was on the 2nd train with people), but it came out really slow. for a second i thought it was going to stall at the top but it barely made it and went through the rest of the ride fine. but i also have a POV of volcano from its first season, and it seemed much faster on the video than it did last season. so it could be slowing down a bit, but im not positive.

after volcano, we headed over to FoF for a nice ride. pretty normal, nothing new. after FoF we went to anaconda and took a front row seat on that. not exactly a smooth ride, but ill take whatever i can get after a long wait in the winter.

after anaconda, i told him i had to meet up with the rest of my family by triple spin. he said ok, and we said goodbye. i then met up with the rest of my family, and went on triple spin. an average flat ride, not too great, but its easy and relaxing.

we then went over to ricochet. not a bad wait, has a pretty good capacity from what i experienced. maybe low crowds, but it runs really well, and the employees seem to know what to do(even though its not a very complex ride). not too bad for a wild mouse. has a nice drop for its size, and the hairpin turns add a little bit too the whole thing. about 3-4 drops on it total. too bad the brakes come to soon...maybe some lower hills and u could get just a tad of air time, but no luck.

after ricochet we went over to the FX theater and we went on the new meteor attack. not too great, i thought 7th portal was better(spiderman still rules over all!). we then headed over to congo grill for something to eat.

after eating, we went just walked around a little bit before riding anything. we split up(me going my own way)and them going over to nickelodeon central. i took 2 rides on rebel yell, and 2 rides on hurler, and met back up with them.

they wanted to take a couple more rides on triple spin and it was a long enough period so i went to check out the wait for FoF. wait was easy, and only a couple trains for front, so i took a wait for front.

here is my best experience of the day....

after the lights going out in the station, they let the loaded train go. the next train came in and i got on. normal proceedures and they checked our lap bars and all. they pushed they button and we took off. but i was surprised to then be stopped on the e-brake just before the cobra roll. the lights came on, and i got a very nice look at the spaghetti bowl layout. its kinda nice in there because we got to see everything. the maintenence crew came in and explained what they were going to do. they talked a little bit and there was a ride-op asking how everyone was doing. i asked her why they turned on the e-brake and she said that the monitor showed the train was just going to have a roll-back because it didnt recieve enough power. i said "whats wrong with that!" lol. anyways, she gave us tickets to ride any ride we wanted without a wait. then they released the brakes and the maintenence crew pushed us back into the station. yes...they literaly had 4 people lined up and they just pushed us back. i got out and one of them said "i need a nap". i thought it was pretty funny. overall, i didnt mind it, i just wished i had my camera with me. i had my dad hold on to it...would have been good pics there.

so after that whole mess, i met back up with my family again and we went back to ricochet. we waited about 20mins the 2nd time.

after ricochet, my dad told me that i could just use my pass for volcano because we had to go in about an hour because my sister had a dance thing to go to. my sister then got upset because she wanted to ride hurler. i thought this was funny because my bro will absolutely not ride anything except ricochet(he kept his head down on the drop and said the sun was in his eyes). so we went on hurler. my sister was a little scared but she rode anyway, while my brother passed through and waited near the exit. keep in mind my bro is 11 and my sis is 8, bro going on 12 soon. she came off laughing and smiling, but it wasnt good enough for my brother to get on anything. we then went over to grizzly since my sister was doing pretty good. she rode that and liked it alot too. still, not enough for my brother.

then i went over to volcano for a quick ride using my pass. it was only a 3rd row ride because i couldnt get front or back seats with it(upsetting because i did wait for front row on FoF). not too bad, but slow over the top...again...

we then went over to the FX theater for a ride on 7th portal. not too exciting because i saw it many times last season. our last ride was a visit on the eifel tower. took a few minutes to look around and then it was time to leave. grabbed some cotton candy on the way out and some pepsi at 7-11.

now im here at home typing this review and now im finished. pretty good day, low crowds and some short waits. and i even met another buzzer!

hope to see ya again coasterharry if you are reading this.


Saturday, March 23, 2002 1:24 PM
Did you see Hypersonic's contrusction?

You'll look back at this day and laugh.

Saturday, March 23, 2002 2:59 PM
there was nothing with hypersonic, i asked an op on hurler and he said " that they had been working on it all winter and will be working on it all season and that it will most likely not open this year", so i guess kings dominion will only operate 11 coasters this year?
Sunday, March 24, 2002 5:33 AM

nope, no visible construction. it looks the same but its obvious its not going to operate for a long time. HypersonicXLC has been removed from all the direction signs. Also, i think its also easy to say that modifications could be being made to the trains. another building was built and all trains are off the transfer tracks.

Sunday, March 24, 2002 6:31 AM
Nice trip report. I need to head over to PKD and check it out. My home park is PKI. XLC sounds like a BAT delimma, if anyone remembers the Bat at PKI.


Sunday, March 24, 2002 7:58 AM

Yeah I think that XLC can be fixed. I wish they would build a new coaster called bats revenge (i already know the TG story). make it an inverted coaster with the same basic layout add a cobera roll and a few loops.

That would max the park out on inverted rides though


Sunday, March 24, 2002 1:57 PM
Hey coasterdude, where wer you on Volcano? I was the third train of the day on the first I guess you were right in front of us lol.
Sunday, March 24, 2002 2:36 PM

i was on the 2nd train, first row lol. i think i prob was right in front of you....

were you with someone else and then you asked if i was a single rider and i said yea, and you told the guy further back that i was single. so yea, i guess i was right in front of you :-)

Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:30 AM
Will Hyper be ready in late July.
Saturday, March 30, 2002 12:09 PM

No one knows, dude



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