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Sunday, August 5, 2001 11:13 AM
Around 8:00 in the a.m. on monday we left for Virginia. It took about 6 six hours to get to Washington where we stopped for 2 hours. We looked at the white house and went to the air and space museum. What a letdown, it was old boring and so outdated. Most of it was also closed. The "most interactive" area had a first generation video flight simulator. It was just a joystick and a very cartoonish looking plane. The graphics on my dreamcast are 100x better. So then we drove about 2 hours to PKD. We checked in at the Best Western. This was the most expensive hotel at $120. Ironically it was also the dirtiest. It was old. But it was about 200 meters from the park. We saw a deal that if you buy tickets for tomorrow you can go in past 5 pm for $5. So we took advantage of this. good thing.

Paramount's Kings Dominion:8:00p.m.

I ran to Hypersonic XLC first. Just to discover a 1 hour line. I wait in it. An hour and a half later i'm strapped in the machine. We go around that turn so slowly. Then you're at the launch area, as the little hook locks in it scares people because they think they're being launched. A second later i'm going up a vertical hill at 80 m.p.h. What a rush. This is the only roller coaster i have ever been scared on (except for magnum when i was 8!) My only problem is the 2 train operation. The shortness. And the station queue, i got cut 4 times! Then it was off to Hurler. I walked on to the front seat through a long long queue. I love this ride, it is awesome, not too rough, not too smooth, great air! I rode twice because there were no lines. Then i rode Rebel Yell. This ride is worst than RWB. It is rough, my ribs were hurting so bad, and i was riding forwards. Then i passed Anaconda to go onto Volcano. Awesome. But also very short. Then the park was closed and it was back to the bates motel.

Paramount's Kings Dominion:9:00 A.M.

Since we had tickets we went. I waited until 10:00 to run to the Nickelodeon (?) area to go on Flight Of Fear. I was the first one at the ropes:) Just to meet a security guard who is drunk on his little amount of power. He was about 5'6 120 lbs. He was very little and probably puts up with crap from the 300+ lb vistors. He had to stand on the trash can to adress the crowd/mob. He said that Volcano is closed. If you have any questions raise your hand. 5 minutes later he said he's walking us to Volcano, Anyone that runs in front or away from him will be kicked out of the park. I raise my hand and say, "Why are we walking to a broken down ride" He looked at me and ingnored the question. He let the rope down and started walking, the rope got stuck to his belt and was being dragged, it was hilarious! He was so red after that. Once we were to the Volcano entrance i ran to FLight of Fear. Me and my dad were the first riders of the day on it! Of course i chose front row. The lap bars are better but go right into your stomach. This ride is much better now. I then go to Anaconda, the tunnel did nothing for me. It was surprisingly smooth for an arrow looper. However it was heavily breaked. Then it was off to my 3rd favorite woody, Hurler. Got a quick front row ride. Just as good. I then went to Makita's. I like the hockey sticks all over the place, one of the Sherwood sticks has a huge curve. Then i go to Hypersonic XLC to find a 2 hour wait, no way! I pass it and go to Grizzly. I like this alot except for the first turnaround. I got some good pictures of this ride. Then it was time to check out of the hotel. My mom was in a huge argument with the front desk because 2 bus loads of 10 year olds were swimming until 3 AM! The hotel also double charged us for tickets. Then it was off to BGW. We drive an hour to Williamsburg and find that BGW is using the over flow parking lot. Which was already packed. We pass it up and will go the next day. I will edit this later and add BGW and some of Colonial Williamsburg later.

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case
Sunday, August 5, 2001 1:38 PM

HurricaneGeauga said:
We looked at the white house and went to the air and space museum. What a letdown, it was old boring and so outdated. Most of it was also closed.[i/]

Well, history tends to be old. Amazing isn't it? They're are replacing all the windows section by section in the Air & Space Musuem, so that's why some of the exhibits are closed.
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Monday, August 6, 2001 8:31 AM
they were closed becasue a private party

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case

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