PKD 04-09-01 HyperSonic Double Break-Down!

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Monday, April 9, 2001 5:07 PM
My Mom came to my School and picked me up from there about 11:30, so we headed to Wendy's, then PKD!

I first headed towards Flight of Fear, which a sign said it was down for the day, so I headed for Volcano.

The line was about 20 Minutes, but they didn't have the "Fass Pass" things working today, since it was Season PassHolders Day! I rode it with some man, since I was a Single Rider, then I headed to FoF!

My Mom said that she saw them Open the doors to FoF, so I skipped happily over to it, and got in line, which was 30 Minutes. I really do enjoy that ride alot now that they removed the OTSR, and added Lapbars.

After FoF, I headed back to Volcano for another Ride, Volcano's line isn't always going to be short, mind as well right it now. So, I waited about 20 Minutes and headed on...I love this ride too.

Instead of going to meet my mom, I took a quick spin on Anaconda! I think its still a great ride, and I enjoy doing two Traditions:
1. Sissy School Girl Scream before Lift!
2. Funny Photo! Todays: Asleep!

I then cruised over to HyperSonic where I waited long! I was in line for HyperSonic with one person named Jeremy person thingy, and he was really cool to talk to. We waited in line for HyperSonic for about 1 1/2 hours, through two brake downs! Most Unforunate! First was a Fuse Snapped, and the Other I don't know.

Then the same person and I rode Grizzley and Outer Limits ;) It was really fun, the S curve always catches my by surprise! Jeremy was also looking for the SideWinder, and finally noticed it this time!

All in All, it was great meeting this Jeremy Person, and riding Volcano twice, FoF twice, Grizzley, and Anaconda!

Maybe I'll see or meet him again! Never Know!
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Favorite Coaster: HyperSonic XLC!
Saturday, April 14, 2001 1:17 PM
My friends and I (usually just me and my bro) do the funny on-ride stuff, too. We've got ones of us reading the Six Flags comic books and me taking a picture of the SOB camera as it took a picture of me (that was just before the train was stopped on the lift hill because I got caught with an "object" on the ride :)). We wanted to get a nice one on the S:KC at SFFT but got rained out. :(
Thursday, April 19, 2001 8:48 PM

LOL Thats funny, Take a Pic or Camera...LoL!

Nice Idea....

*/me write : Take pic or pic taker on Coaster! JOY!
HaVe YoU hUgGeD yOuR rOlLeR cOaStEr ToDaY?
OoOoOo...Rolly Coaster!
Favorite Coaster: HyperSonic XLC!

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