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Monday, July 9, 2001 6:41 AM
Monday 6-25 and Tuesday 6-26

I have recently returned from vacation during which time I spent a few days at PKD. It was a great trip. It was my 7 year old daughters first trip, and she had a blast. Here are the highlights: (Note: Visit on weekdays if possible. Hardly any lines for coasters since everyone is in the waterpark!)

Hypersonic is rollin'! They now have a true two car operation. I rode twice and never waited more than an hour, even for the front. (By the way, thanks to 2Hostyl for the advice on waiting in line with my daughter. It worked like a charm. We all waited together then passed her over while the other rode. She thought it was cool that she got to walk over the seats of Hypersonic!)

No Express Line Tickets for Hypersonic or Volcano, but did not really need them. Lines were not really bad during the week. One thing I noticed that both rides are doing is only letting in a small group of people at a time. The rest stay at the entrance. It is deceptive, but it seems like the wait is shorter because when you are let in, you walk right on up to the cars practically. It is also better because you are not couped up in the winding lines. You are on the outside free to go the restroom, etc. a lot easier if you need to.

Smash Factory is hillarious! It is not 3-D, but it is so funny. Listen to the things the "driver" says. It is a hoot.

I have got to add this. My 7 year old is now officially a coaster nut. We coaxed her on Scooby Doo. Hands up all the way. We lost count on how many laps she did. She decided to move up to Rebel Yell. She did not like going out, but coming back - hands up! She managed 3 laps. I was very proud of her. (Keep in mind she is very tiny. The lap bar did not even come close to her, so I held on to her just out of instinct. Needless to say, she got lots of airtime. I didn't like that part, so therefore we stuck to Scooby Doo. She did ride Avalanche once also.)

Spent time in the waterpark. Pipeline Peak is awesome. Too crowded, however. Big Wave Bay was elbow to elbow. Spent just enough time here to cool off. Ready to get back out in the park where there were less people.

I know this is getting long, so I will wrap up. We rode all of the coasters. With the exception of H:XLC and Volcano, all were pretty much a walk on, sometimes with re-rides. (The ones my munchkin couldn't or wouldn't ride, we did the wait and passover move. We made it up to her. Spent lots of time in Nick Central doing her thing.)

This was a great trip. I have excellent pictures of us on H:XLC and my child on Rebel Yell at the top of the lift hill. Maybe one day I will get them posted.

Last Note: Went to VA Beach and saw that new ride. Can't recall the name. It was not open, but looked very, very intense. Anyway, hopefully you know what I am referring to. Looks fun!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 9, 2001 1:56 PM
Great TR. I am sooo glad they have 2 trains on H:XLC

"Bathroom 1 looks too intense for me"-Ed Markey
Tuesday, July 10, 2001 5:40 AM
Just two trains on Hypersonic? Don't they have four?

Batwing-Bow Down
Tuesday, July 10, 2001 6:02 AM
They have 4 trains, but only two are actually running right now. These two that are running are loading and unloading like clockwork. They are also still only using one loading station. If they were to start using the second loading station, it would be even better!

As a sidenote, while one train is sitting at the lights ready to launch, the second train is loading. Since this is such a short circuit, by the time the first train is launched and back, the second train is just getting ready for launch. Wouldn't it be a tight squeeze using 4 trains? Think about it...4 trains on only a 15 second circuit?!

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