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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 6:01 PM
Well, my school year being almost up, and final exam week well underway, i was fortunate enough to be exempt for all of today(wensday). So i talked to my friend, and she was free to go too, so at about 9:00 we hit the highway for PKD.

We got there around 10:00, and the parking lot was virtually empty. First i had to go the season pass office(one of the attendants at the parking lot booth said i needed my season pass parking re-scanned). While waiting for the front park gates to open up, me and my friend started conversation with two men behind us. We talked a little bit about the rides at the park, and just other stuff as well. We ended up riding with them for a little while - more on them in a little.

The first ride for me and my friend was the indiana jones simulator. It was the first time i had seen this one, and i wasnt too impressed. The whole thing really lacked a plot/story, and it was really boring. The sponge bob one is much better. With 15mins left until the rest of the park opening up, we head over to wait for the ropes to drop, and decide volcano would be best to head to since it usually has the longest line throughout the day. After a few mins, we notice the 2 men we talked to earlier, and went over to say hi. A few mins later, the rope drops and we go for our walk back to volcano. The most unique thing about this walkback is that the security guard actually pulled some kids over to the side for running ahead of her, and she said she had to take them back to the park entrance and make them walk to the ride - some good laughs there.

We picked front row, and it ran like always. Pretty fast and fun, but noting too special. Next, the 4 of us headed over to FoF for a few runs, but we only rode it once. FoF ran especially faster than usual, and the elements were quite intense, although the downside was that the MCB's were stopping very hard. As we exited, we glance over at Anaconda. We were going to grab a few rides on it since the wait is usually zero to none, but it wasnt operating so we decided to pass. With what to ride next not exactly in mind, we just start heading towards the hypersonic area. Shockwave's line was outside the station and going halfway down the ramp and running 1 train so we decided to pass.

Hypersonic was up and running, and the line looked very short and was on a 2 train op, so we decided to wait. We rode 2nd row, and overall wait time was about 30 - 40 mins. It was now exactly 12:00, and drop zone was scheduled to open at 12, so we head over that way. My friend refused to ride, but me and our new friends were up for it. We got 2 great rides on DZ, and then we split up with me and my friend going our seperate ways. My friend and i worked our way back into the congo area since i noticed anaconda running while i was in line for DZ. We got 2 quick rides on anaconda. anaconda was also running a little more intense than usual, and i got a little tunnel vision in the 2nd loop on our 2nd run. Although i was still a little out of it, we noticed a short line for FoF(or atleast appeared to be), so we headed over. The line was actually very short, and some of the trains were going with empty seats. Despite the short wait, we only rode it once, and agreed it was time for a little wood.

First up was grizzly, and i got my first ever front row ride on it. Ran pretty good, and i got a little air on a few of the hills. overall good ride. on the way to hurler, hypersonic was boasting an extremely short wait and looked to be 30 mins tops, so we got in line and saved hurler for later. our 2nd ride on hypersonic was in the back, and it delivered as usual. it was also my friends first back row hypersonic ride, and she seemed pleased as well. After getting out of line, we go for our rides on hurler. it was running ok like usual, and had a little air. the only row that had a wait was for front, so we rode a few times.

While in line for hurler, we saw 4(yes 4), compeletely empty cars go on ricochet. Maybe it was just because many kids are still in school, but the line for ricochet was extremely short. We grabbed one ride on it, and decided that we would ride hypersonic once more and then leave. Although hypersonic was down at the time, we still decided to wait. With only about 10 people in line(including us), we waited it out. In about 5 short minutes, they began testing. They ended up running 6 emtpy trains before loading people on, but that went by quickly. For our 3rd one we rode in the front(since it only was 5 trains worth long). A great ride in the front, and overall wait time was a very short 20mins. By now with 11 coaster runs and 2 drop zone runs in only 4hrs, i was pretty worn out in addition to the heat, so we began to walk out.

Overall one of the best days i have had at the park, with pretty much walk ons all day. I suspect the same for tomorrow(thurs, 6-11), so if you can make it, go..i dont think you should be too dissapointed, just check the weather. Also i thought i should note that the tomb raider theming was indeed for a show, like most have said. If i remember correctly, its scheduled to start showing on july 27th or something, i really dont remember the exact dates, but i think it was july.

Well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed reading.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 6:27 PM
I happened to be at the park with my friend. Volcano had a 1 Train wait for middles, 3 trains for back, and 7 train wait for front. No line was amazing. Drop Zone kept breaking down during the day. Also, my friend I rode Grizzly 21 times :)

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