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Weather: Cool, Overcast

The park was near empty on this day, possibly due to the threatening weather and plummeting temperatures. It did afford us a day at the park where every ride was a walk on.

This was my second visit to the park. This visit reinforced my initial impression that they had a collection of mediocre coasters. Certainly Hypersonic and Vocano have unique elements, but considering the 12 coasters they boast - I didn't feel like there was a "WOW" ride in there.

We were disappointed to find that our plan of attack for this park was greatly compromised by the fact that all the coasters by and including Volcano were closed for the first hour. Hypersonic was also experiencing major technical problems and was out of service for two thirds of the day. The new drop zone ride was prominently placed between Shockwave and Rebel Yell, but it, too, was not operational at all that day.

The park itself is nicely landscaped and well maintained, but has one of the worst layouts imaginable. Rides seem to be clustered in corners of the park reached through a maze of paths that give little consideration to crowd flow. The walks across the park to other attractions always seemed to be longer and more circuitous than necessary.

The coasters:

Volcano (9/10)
The double LIM launch does not disappoint and sends this ride barreling out of the station. The speed is exhilarating. I liked the fact that Intamin stuck with heartline rolls and didn't employ any loops in the ride, making it unique amongst inverted coasters. The speed going into the brake run is tremendous and makes you wonder why the ride wasn't extended another 1,000 feet.

Hypersonic (8/10)
I've been on most of Premier Rides' launched coasters. I've been on Xcelerator and Superman at SFMM. NOTHING matches the power and intensity of this rides launch. The speed of acceleration is emphasized by the relatively short track to the hill. Unlike, say, Xcelerator, this ride's focus is purely on the launch. It knows its strength and exploits it nicely. No matter how many times you ride it, you can not prepare your body for the experience. I still view it more as an Extreme Thrill than a coaster - like bungee jumping.

Grizzly (7/10)
Better than my last visit. Grizzly kicked butt this year. After an anemic climb and turn out of the first drop, the coaster hauls through the rest of the course at an unrelenting pace. The ride is longer that you'd think - but I think the first turnaround's slow pace accounts for it. Nice streak through tunnel adds to the excitement.

Hurler (7/10)
Beautiful and unique design that seems to combine elements of CCI and GCI's best. Previous experience dictated that I ride the front seat to avoid getting beat up. The ride has great speed and uses it effectively on some greatly banked turns. Full of airtime. This one has improved with age.

Ricochet (6/10)
It's nice to see a Wild Mouse that departs from the usual rectangular footprint. This custom project looks great and uses its plot of land effectively (no space wasted). The ride is good, but not as exciting as the design implies.

Rebel Yell (6/10)
Great looking coaster. I can't say the ride is as good as the visual. A classic out and back - but kind of disappointing. The exit queue is incredibly frustrating in its length and the fact that it depositis you in the middle of a kind of boring, barren midway. It could have deposited riders back into the Rebel Yell / Hypersonic area 40 feet before its ridiculous endpoint.

Shockwave (5/10)
This time I didn't get slammed in the jaw on the first drop, so I was more open to the experience. Not a fan of TOGO, this ride might have been the rage when it first came out, but B&M's Riddler & Mantis make this seem like a carnival ride.

Avalanche (7/10)
A nice toboggan ride that is a step up from the more common Intamin bobsled. Great trains, great speed, great ride.

Anaconda (6/10)
Not a fan of looping coasters, this ride is, none-the-less, one of the better ones out there. Relatively smooth and in an ideal setting, the coaster navigates its course without much bruising. The tangled end of the track is more exciting than itlooks.

Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (8/10)
Last time I rode this, I had to endure OTSR. The lapbars are a great improvement. The interior lighting has also been change from a single incandescent spotlilght to more theatrical ligting - which works quite well. The launch and first third of the ride is totally disorienting. I give it an extra point for excellent queue theming.

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (7/10)
This is the coaster to start your kids on. It ties with Zach's Zoomer at Michigan's Adventure for my favorite junior woodie. Great design. Good thrills and always well maintained and eficiently run.

Nice TR.

Seems you had an ok day. Too bad you didnt get to ride Drop Zone...its one of the more insane rides there. Hypersonic is the only ride that beats DZ in intensity.

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Yo, I have never seen so many of their rides down!

I liked that you rated the coasters like that, but I have to disagree with Grizzly. That has to be THE best coaster in the park, if not the state.

wood's just as good

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YOU WERE THERE WHEN I WAS! All the coasters were closed for the first 15 mins. We were the first on Anaconda, which opened at 10:45. The park opened at 10:30. Drop Zone wasn't open since winds at the top of the tower were over 25mph the whole day.

The Mole

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