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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:38 PM
Well guys I got to the park at a little before 11am (shortly after opening) and the parking lot was already filled up pretty well. The weather couldn't have been more prefect with temperatures hovering around the low 70's for the main part of the day.

My friend and I headed straight for Volcano. The first thing I noticed was that it had recieved a new coat of fresh paint. The line was about 20 min (give or take) and off we went. The ride hasn't changed since the last time I rode it. It's still a great refreshing way to start the day at the park.

As many of you know, Volcano is right near Tomb Raider so it was over tempting to get in line; so we did. Wait was only about 15 min. Riders can choose which side they would like to ride on as the line splits in half.

My Tomb Raider Review:
The ride begins as the floor drops beneath you; giving you the sensation that you are slowly rising. The music begins to play and the fountains surround you as they begin to chuckle with the wet stuff. After rising to the peak, you are soon held upside down as the ride brings you down over the fountains (and the crowd). Soon after, that hold is broken, and you are left flipping blindlessly repeatly as the music, water, and flames begin to mess with your senses. The finale is a non-stop series of fast-pasted flips (and these are some fun flips). The ride overall exceeded my expectations. I was pleased with how the park brought so much out of a ride that (in most parks) is considered your average flat.

Anaconda was next (5 min line). Running with its usual rough ride. (no surprise there).

Ate Lunch -------

We headed over to Drop Zone which had seemed to cease running after the first hour we were there. However, we got in line anyway and 5 min opened Laughing . It was an interesting ride as my friend is kind of height sensitive and I had to enjoy his anxiety-rushed face. Wink

Shockwave (10 min wait)
Everythings normal UNTIL.......
We stop 1/3 way up the lift hill. We end up sitting there for about 15 min and off we went. Same same, getting older and older though, I wonder when the park will consider trashing it.

Hypersonic (1 hour wait: Front Seat)
So we get all the way to the front of the line and......
"We are temporary experiecencing technical difficulties"
My face went from Very Happy to Shocked in 1.5 sec (joke....ha...ha).
We wait for another 20 min until it gets running again.
Was it worth the near hour and a half wait?........
it wasn't

Hurler (5 min wait)
Rough, yet exciting

Flight of Fear (20 min wait: Front Seat)
Loved it, got to love doing Joker's Jinx in the dark, HA!.

Yup that was it (other than my Cafe Vanilla Frapacino at the end).

You can view my pics at CLN

I will post my video news report link and PKD Park Mix video tomorrow when I can edit and post them
Very Happy

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Thursday, March 31, 2005 7:59 AM
Yeah, Im leaving in about an hour for the park, hopefully Ill be putting a TR up, and hopefully, it results in the same low line times as yours does. :)

- Josh

When you give, you begin to live... - Dave Matthews
Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:54 AM
Scratch that, Plans fell through... :(

Oh well, I can go tomorrow with my brother. :)

- Josh

When you give, you begin to live... - Dave Matthews

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