PKD - 10/29 - Crowded!

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Let me start by saying WHOA this park is crowded. Ok, I arrived at about 4 to see no line to get into the park. There was virtually no one on international street. We walk past there inverting spaceship...FULL LINE...Walk past, go over to Volcano, Full line and flooding out of the Queue. Tomb Raider was flooding out too. All the rides were flooding out of there queue to put it better.

Ok, after walking around for about 30 complaining about how every ride has long lines we finally decide to wait for FOF. DAMN when this ride has a full line, its just over an hour. You would think whoa it should be shorter. Because the line is acually pretty short even if its full. But wow does it move slow. We get on, I loe FOF more then JJ at SFA. The dark just adds so much to it.

We then head over to Grizzly. The only ride that has no Line. We walk rite up to the station. Wait about 3 trains and were on. OUCH even if this ride was re-tracked...It hurts!

After that we went over to Anaconda. With a full line, it moves incredibly fast. we waited only 15 minutes...Maybe even less. Great Ride, I'm tall enough to have NO head banging...This is my new favorite Arrow.

After that we went over to Shockwave. Now, I dont care what people say. THIS IS MY FAVORITE STAND UP! I dont get were people say its uncomfortable, its really really fun, I love it! There is slight headbanging at the last turn. But thats it.

By then, it was dark. Wow PKD does a great job with fear fest. At the top of Shockwave. The ENTIRE park is filled with Fog, It extends out over the parking lot. It makes its own cloud its awesome! Drop Zone wasnt running. Obvious reasons. (40 Degree weather at 300 feet in the air? Not Smart) The tower was closed too. After shockwave we went to go warm up in the Pizza Place. My friend and his deaf friend came to visit with us. It was very interesting wathing them sign. They were both very cool. I never knew deaf people could have a great personality even know they have no clue what ur saying and they cant hear you. They're extremely funny!

Anywho, after that we headed over to Rebell Yell. The line was almost full and they were only running forwards. 15 mintues... The Very back row...WOW Rebell Yell ROCKS! So much airtime. And it is MAJOR ejector air almost to the point were its like WHOA TO MUCH! Very smooth but loud at the turn around. Very fun in the dark also. The Tunnel freaked the **** out of me! LOL

After that we headed over to wait for Hypersonic. The line was full, but not over flowing. Since none of us had ever been on it, We wanted to wait. And we knew what we were in for. An hour's wait minimum. We wait, an hour go's by. Were next in line. "Were sorry, Hypersonic is experienceing Difficulty's We are working on this problem as quickly as possible, Thank You." By this time its 10:00 and my friends mom is waiting out side to take us home. We call her up and explain...She says get out of line now and come out. She didnt care how long we were waiting. We left. And after waiting we see the launch light go from all red to green. But still nothing happens and we go.

Over all the park was packed. Didnt really do anything for Fear Fest. But the fog was awesome! And it didnt smell or make you choke either.

Colin, nice TR. I've never been to PKD, but I might have to check it out. A 60 minute line might be long for PKD, but not compared to other big parks I typically visit this time of year: PCW, CP, or SFDL -- each has +90 queues for their major attractions around halloween.
Well a full Q for Hypersonic is about an hour and a half. Volcano had a full Q. I'm told its almost 2 and a half hours when full. So we just skipped that. All of the rides pretty much had full Q's.

PKD's fog doesnt smell? You suck! PKI's fog is horrible.
Yup its awesome, you can breathe it in perfectly and not choke. It's almost like a mist.


PKI's fog is the horrible chemical fog juice found at a lot of haunted trails. It stinks, and is EXTREMLY difficult to breath in, especially with allergies :(

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