Pilgrims Plunge goes vertical

Okay, it's only a few feet, but if you'd like to see a video from the first day of the steel track being hoisted into place, please check out this HoliBlog post.

Have a great weekend, Paula
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So, Paula...what's new for 2010?

(just kidding!)

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Mamoosh said:
So, Paula...what's new for 2010?

Whatever it is consider me highly dissapointed.

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Is it me or do Intamin rides use twice the amount of conduit that other rides use?

So it looks like the elevator system actually has a lot in common with the lifts on their vertical lift coasters. Two chains, presumably for redundancy. What still strikes me as awkward is how the boat "dock" will put the center of gravity so far off the track. Should be very freakish to see it in operation!

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Redundancy is good.

Redundancy is good.

(See? Don't you feel better?)


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^ ...the following message was brought to you by Holiday World's Department of Redundancy Department?


Gee. I may have to drag my carcase out to Indiana this year. I've never been to HW. Maybe I could hit KI on my way over.

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Just make sure you ride Legend and Raven before you do Voyage. Nothing stacks up to the Voyage, nothing.

The best order to truly appreciate the experience of all three is: 1) Raven, 2) Legend, and 3) Voyage.

Voyage is all that and a bag of chips.
Voyage is better than a gunny sack full of kittens.
Voyage is the best thing since sliced bread.
Voyage has been known to cause spontaneous remission of incurable diseases.
Voyage is seriously that good.

(Although RF II certainly ain't chopped liver.)

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Hopman, HW is totally worth going to. It is such a cool park with so many great things! The people are nice and helpful, the park is very clean, the food is good and affordable (the $5 fries come with a sandwich, crazy I know), free pop, free sunscreen, free parking, affordable souvenirs, one of the best water parks and it is home to The Voyage... one of the most intense crazy fun woodies ever built (the other two woodies are pretty sweet also).

After you hit KI and before HW you will pass very close to SFKK. It is an OK park that has some cool rides like Chang and a great spinning flat ride called Breakdance. Allot of people bad mouth the park but we spent a half of day there last fall and had a great time (plus we bought 2009 season passes there for $40 that are good for all SF parks). Also, where else could you see a cemetery right outside the front gate of an amusment park???

Above all though, go to HW!

PS I am not sucking up to Paula this is how I really feel!

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Hey Ensign Smith lets start a Gravity Group fanboy club. :)

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Hopman - if their endorsements weren't enough here is mine: despite living in Los Angeles I have made it a point to visit Holiday World annually since Raven. I cannot say the same for my local parks, which are obviously much closer.

Zakkster: Do you want to be president-for-life, or dictator-in-chief? Either way, we'll have to ban any slimy girls . . . ;)

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"Also, where else could you see a cemetery right outside the front gate of an amusment park???"

That's where they bury all of the- DARN! I can't bring myself to say it.

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Ensign Smith said:
Whitty things that Mike usually says.

Seriously, when we went down to HW 2 years ago, I raved so much about Legend to Jen, and how I couldn't wait for her to try my favorite ride. We thought it was going to be a busy day and I was really excited for Voyage, so we headed straight there when it opened.

I then took her on Legend and Raven, and she was like "meh... let's go back to Voyage". After we stopped for pizza and to say hi to Paula, of course - then we ran into Mike Graham :)

Thing is, she's not really "into" coasters. She goes along with me, and enjoys them, has fun but for the most part could do without if she had to, and I've never seen someone having so much fun. (could be that there's an oasis right next door and she's addicted to diet Pepsi, too...haha).

Point is, Voyage REALLY IS that good.

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There is none higher! :)

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$5 fries that come with a sandwich, that is crazy. You usually have to leave an amusement park to find that.

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Ahh heck. I guess I need to take two weeks and do a banzai run to the midwest & PA parks.

With gas being cheaper than it was last year and my self driving a little 4-banger Ranger, it might be a fun run.

Plus, I gotta get back to CP and hit Maverick.

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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Yeah, you do. Maverick is another one of those rides that just nails it when it comes to intensity and awesome-ness.

I've always said that Maverick is my steel counter-balance to the Voyage.

I love it, and if I actually ranked rides, I'd probably have those 2 as my favorites. Of course, Disneyland's Matterhorn trumps all.:-D

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I have heard of Holiday World ,but where is is located? Plus does anyone know about how far it is from the Cleveland area to get to this park?

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