Pieces of rides

Has anyone here ever got a piece of a ride a park tore down? I got a piece of Shockwave from SFGAm.

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A ride op once tried to sell me a old piece of chewing gum from a ride that was comming down
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I have pieces of Noah's Ark and the Steel Phantom.


Parts of Whalom Park's Turnpike (the rules sign and the stop sign with flag). Not track or a car itself but it works.

I really would have liked to gotten a part of the Soap Box Derby Racers at Knotts...but what are ya gonna do.

I also have a bolt that was supposed to go on Silver Bullet...But it just looks like a bolt...for anything...so its not that special.

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I have blocks of wood from HW's Legend and IB's LoCoSuMo...of course those are still operating, so I guess the answer to your question in my case is no ;)
if anyone wants pieces of a Tumble Bug, coaster or wild mouse, they're still up at Chippewa Lake after rotting for 20 something years...at your own risk, the place is a mess.
i've got boards from Euclid Beaches Thriller, racing coaster and Flying Turns.

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Where is Chippewa Lake?

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Moosh - how on earth did you get the chainsaw past security?

-Jim ;)

I hear some people got pieces of TTD embedded in various body parts over the past year.
I have a few large bolts from Sky Whirl... a large piece of paint from it and a washer.... they're in a jar of embalming fluid at home.... well not really, but they are in a jar :(

Shocks... pegs... lucky! .... you ever take it off any sweet jumps?
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Chippewa Lake a defunct park south of Cleveland. The coasters are still standing, well, parts of them, as well as a few of the flats and buildings. Interesting place to visit, but don't expect too much.

If you do a search you can find little info on the park.....including this one.


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Nice, Tina...make me look like the bad guy ;)

Jim - that's not a chainsaw, and no I'm not happy to see you ;)

*blush* - I'm sorry, I just saw a big chopper and assumed the worst Moosh!


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I have a bolt for the Vortex (PGA)...and just like Ziggy said, it ain't nothin special (except that it is green from the original paint job).

Oh, I also have a Whizzer "Do not stand on the handrails" sign (with Whizzer green on the back) and a "This unit temporarilyy out of service" sign (and yes, it is spelled wrong on the sign).

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I have a chunk of wood from Hercules :P

But I also have a ledger, bolts, and a six foot chunk of rail from the Red Streaker.

Well lets see, I have two Triller signs one that was at the top of the lift, CP magun wait sign, Wheel off Vancouver Coaster, Roller coaster sign from FC, Wildcat welcome sign FC, Up stop wheel from Idora Park Wildcat, Chain dog from Lakeside Cyclone, Chain from Thunderblot KW, 12 foot ledger from Raven(used for a Book case.) And nuts bolt and various wooden pieces.
Let's see I have 2 pieces of wood from the Legend, one of them suigned by Will Koch, Pat Koch and Denise Dinn Larrick. I have a bolt from the Hoosier Hurricane from when they were building Cornball and a chain link from another coaster. Suprisingly I don't have anything from the Raven. Maybe I'll have to dumpster dive for some scrap wood...just kidding.

Have Fun

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How do y'all get your hands on this stuff? I have nothing and I want some bad!

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