Pictures of the new Gravity Group at Happy Valley - including Hi-5 element

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Pictures can be found here:

Scroll down, there's a bunch of pictures. This ride looks awesome.

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That looks awesome! That is exactly what Cedar Point needs for their next coaster(s)!

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That's where the real sales issue is, I suspect. I believe TGG would have to make a hard, data-driven selling effort to illustrate that their trains and technique make a huge difference in the overall maintenance cost associated with the ride. My gut is that people at the mid-level executive points understand this, but then they in turn have to sell that to dad. Maybe once dad has really retired...

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Oh yeah, that would be amazing. I've heard really good things about Wooden Warrior, and how the trains track on that. I can't wait to see what happens on a more intense ride.

The only complaint I've heard is that the lap bar feels like it only covers half of a full-sized adult, and that big bubble part sticks off to the side. Other than that, I haven't heard anything else.


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Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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I also love the way the first drop on the right side dives below the first drop on the left before they meet again at the bottom. This ride just looks incredible.

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^Exactly. The High-5 element is going to continue getting the publicity (and deservedly so), but the interlocking first drops is a REALLY sweet idea to me...

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^ Yes, when I saw that, it wowed me, even more than the Hi-5, which does look incredibly awesome. I'm going to have to make a dueler in NoLimits now, and give it some interlocking first drops. I've already been plotting..

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Those inward facing 90 degree banks look ridiculous!

Holy cow.

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Anyone with any ears in Cedar Fair (so to speak...) have any word on how the GCI coasters that they bought a few years were received in terms maintenance, upkeep etc?

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Is it wrong to say a woodie is giving me a woody?

I wonder how much airfare is??

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Another issue with Cedar Point ever getting a ride like this is that on half of the days in a season, only one side would be running, making such a cool element pointless.

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I think this would be the new #1 ride(s) in the park, eliminating that chance. This would be considered 2 separate coasters right?

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In terms of 'the record'? I doubt it.

If CP did class it as two, Magic Mountain would quickly claim two for Superman and Colossus.

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For staffing purposes, dualing and racing coasters are considered one ride. Sooner or later, it is justified by management that only side needs to be running due to lower crowd levels. Universal and Disney are the only parks I think would run both sides just for the "guest experience".

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That's why they should all be mobius.


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But tHen you'd be stuck a REALLY long time on the brake run.

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