Pics of a unique loop that doesn't go upside down

Universal Studios new coaster just got its loop constructed, here is the unique loop:

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Can't help but be reminded of the thread that started with "why isn't there more excitement about Manta?" I think that pic pretty much explains it... :)

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This is exactly what the studio park needed. I mean, Mummy was an awesome start (still my favorite coaster in Orlando), but this looks better every day.

As of June, it'll be the first time in three years that I haven't had a valid Universal pass. I wonder how long that will last... :)

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Wonder how this will actually feel when riding it. Seems like ideas like this look really cool on paper but sometimes are uncomfortable in practice (See Manhattan Express in Las Vegas). Yeah, I know, it's no Togo, but still..

I think I'm going to really need to see this coaster when it's finished. Hopefully the theming will help the coaster. I haven't been too impressed with the concept art and layout renderings so far. We shall see!

Sweet! Should be an interesting sensation....

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HollywoodRRR is an extended version of Maurer-Sohne's X-Coaster model with the same cars and restraints. Having ridden the only X-Coaster in the US -- ironically called X-Coaster at Magic Springs -- I can tell you that it is very smooth and very comfortable.

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I saw the construction last week and it looks ferosh! I try to make a trip to IOA every week just so I can see its progress. At only 167 ft still dominates the skyline. My only contention that I wish the drop was vertical (or beyond vertical)

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Yeah, the ride is very what I call, "Orlando safe." Was just there in December but can't wait to go back for all the new stuff!

I expect this ride to be surprising (Though I guess it's impossible to expect a surprise...)
I think it has some fun looking trackwork that'll add up to big entertainment value. This loop looks like a real kick. I hope I can get down there sometime with my free ticket!!

And Jeff, I have to agree about Mummy being the best in Orlando right now. Last year I had my first ride on both Mummy and Expedition Everest and I actually felt guilty about how much more I liked Mummy over EE.

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I've never done the Mummy, but I was really disappointed at how weak EE was.

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Really? The backward part of Everest freaks me out.

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So will this be counted as an inversion?
By looking at the picture it seems that you get pretty far inverted before it turns you back up though.

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Just had a flashback to the debates on whether or not SheiKra's Immelmann is an inversion.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!

I still say the best coaster in Orlando is BTMRR ;).

Mummy is pretty awesome though, when Im at Universal the end of the day (thanks to my resort express pass) usually consists of me marathoning Mummy for awhile, then going to MIB and marathoning it or visa versa.

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Not claiming that Duane is the ultimate authority, but rcdb has SheiKra listed with one inversion, pretty sure RRR was originally listed with none (although I see now the ride stats have eliminated inversions). It's also how I see it, but don't get me started with the inversion count on V2.1.

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But..but...Millennium Force has 3 inversions!

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Lord Gonchar said:
I've never done the Mummy, but I was really disappointed at how weak EE was.

Seriously? How can going through a partial helix backwards be disappointing? Let alone the rather unique engineering put into it.

Granted to each his own.. but wow.. disappointing is the furthest word from my mind.

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I knew that was going to turn heads, but it's the truth.

It's a lot of pageantry and technology crammed into a pretty package, but in the end the experience is incredibly weak. I understand that the 'show' is part of the draw at Disney and combined with the ride it creates magic, but the show wasn't even that interesting or spectacular itself.

Not enough elements or storytelling to be a good dark/adventure ride and not really fun or exciting enough to be a good coaster.

Meh + Blah = Thank God for the Goofy coaster at MK or this would be the lamest coaster at WDW.

^Really, I thought it was a cool ride, not spectacular and not anywhere near as good as the Magic Kingdom Mountains but 2nd worst at Disney World? Am I the only one who is completely underwhelmed by the Verkoma in a box at the Studios?

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