Physics day at six flags new england

It's been a long time since i've posted, due to be so busy, so I hope that this is not a repeat topic.

My school is going to six flags NE on May 18th and I just wanted to know what to expect if anyone knows. Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to avoid lines on these days. About how crowded do parks get on these days? And any other info would be helpful thanks.

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Definitely do SROS, Thunderbolt, and Pandemonium in that order, first thing when the rope drops. Those are the only lines that can get long, the rest of the ride lines are managable the rest of the day. You could just get a gold flashpass and not worry about lines at all.
I really enjoyed the Cyclone when we were there a couple years ago. I actually rode it one time completey solo. It was an unusual experience. SROS was fast and fun. A very nice park with a great mix of things to do.
Math & Science Day at PKI when i was in HS was terrible. We had little assignments we had to do on 4-5 rides. We waited 3 1/2 hours to ride SOB, then gave up on other rides and just hung out in the sun or on the Eiffel Tower. In my experience, you cant avoid lined on those days

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