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spur of the moment trip on a nice day to go visit this small park i havent been to in 4 years

normal adventureland crowd, a bunch of ppl with no lines for anything

some thoughts on the park:

was impressed in its cleanliness and theming additions over the years

not happy with this years additions replacing the unique surf dance ride and the mondial top scan which i thought was the best ride in the park with a kiddie log flume and a portable frisbee

the John Silver's Twister Tower is an awesome little flat and i am surprise it hasn't popped up at more parks

same goes for the crocidile run jet ski type ride, fun stuff

still hate that they took the cool king kong animatronic out the haunted house and put it up on top of a upcharge climbing tower

nice to be able to go to a park and by 10 dollars in tickets and hit a few rides, play some games and buy a churro

fun trip

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I went to Adventureland for the first time last year and couldn't have been more impressed. The park was immaculate- it's like the owners were given a little bit of land and made the very best park they could. The haunted house could use a little more "haunt", the Hurricane coaster should probably be replaced by something better and every park needs a Ferris wheel but all in all, it is a great little place. Hopefully the park rebounds from their horrific 2005 season and continues to stay in business because they really have a good thing going.

Rob Ascough said:
every park needs a Ferris wheel

they do have the not so large ballon style ferris wheel right by the road, but it isn't very impressive

A Walk In The Park Podcast Host Coaster Count 278
Oops, you're right. How could I forget about that, being right near the road and all?

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