Photo-less Season Pass Cards

I'm planning on getting a Cedar Fair Maxx Pass on Sat. at King's Dominion, do I have a paper pass to look forward to?

I was hoping for a card since I'll be using it heavily (hopefully) this summer.

goofyrules said:
I purchased my CF Maxx Pass at Carowinds last weekend. If you purchase a Carowinds season pass they take your picture and print it on the card however if you purchase a Maxx Pass it does not have a picture. The entrance gates also have not yet been upgraded with the system necessary to view the pictures. So for now I have a season pass without a picture and they have no way to verify that I am indeed the person who is supposed to have that pass.

I'm not sure which Carowinds you went to (!), but I've got a Carowinds-only pass that does not have my picture on it, and I've been in through both gates this season and they've scanned my pass, looked at my picture on the computer, looked at me, and said have a nice day.

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When I was at the metro station in moscow a few weeks ago, it seemed they had a really great system for letting people in. What you did is you put your ticket in the slot, it read it, gave it back to you, and you went through. When you would walk through the gate a sensor would detect when you went through it. If you tried to go through without a ticket, a gate would close on you, and it would make a lound noise. I think this would be a great idea for theme parks. Then they wouldn't have to have as many people working at the gates, they could just have a few people watching them to make sure everything is going fine. For season passes, instead of checking your photo, after you swipe your pass, there would be a finger print reader, to make sure the right person went in. I think this would reduce long lines at the gates, since they could always have every line open, and the machines would be faster too.
Disney Already does this. They have one Cast Member per every 2 turn styles to help people who have trouble with the reader and or bio-metrics scanner.
It also sounds a lot like Dollywood's entrance turnstiles. Well, except for the gate closing on you. Dollywood doesn't have that. :)

But basically, you either place your (plastic) season pass in the reader, or your (paper) one-day ticket, and it sucks it in, beeps and shows a green light, and then walk through as it spits it out the other side, at which point you pick it up and take it with you.

Then you go up to Timber Canyon and ride Thunderhead and Mystery Mine many times. :)

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I just got my Cedar Point Maxx Pass Plus and it has my picture on it.

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I hate to bring up an old topic but has anyone used the pic less pass at Cedar Point yet? I have one from Carowinds and am planning on going to the park this sat and just wondered if anyone has went yet and how they go about the admission?

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^ Go to the Magnum entrance. Worst-case scenario (well, last year's) is you sign in and hop in to the park thru the GR entrance instead of going thru the gate. Usually takes me about a minute.
I have a photoless pass from King's Dominion, and have used it at the Magnum entrance. Just go to guest relations - I've had to let someone know at the ticket booths that I need through, usually just by flashing my pass and they'll buzz me in. No problems yet getting into the park :)

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