Phonehenge @ Freestyle Park

I was browsing my favorite social bookmarking website this morning and came across this link talking about "Phonehenge" at Freestyle Music Park.

I'm not sure what the big deal is. It's red phone booths stacked on each other. Has anyone (other than Gonch whose photos are in the article) seen it? What are your thoughts?

It must be from the Clash's "London Calling..."

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I've seen it. It was amusing, but until I saw this thread I'd forgotten about it. I'm guessing it was inspired by Spinal Tap, otherwise I'm not sure how it would fit the park's theme.

(Having never been to Freestyle but having been to Hard Rock...)

It's in the British Invasion section of the park, which is arguably the most immersively themed section of the park; I get the impression that the ideas started there and spread to the rest of the park (kind of like Seuss at Islands of Adventure). So in that regard, it does fit with the theme.

If I remember correctly, it was constructed as one of the park's many live entertainment venues, but (unlike most of those) built in such a way that it offers some inherent interest of its own when there is no show going on.

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Yeah, it was a live entertainment spot hosting (in its HRP year, at least) a fire-eater, juggler, sword swallower, worldly entertainer kind of guy. (the article says as much, I guess)

It was a very intimate setting and a thoroughly entertaining show. Made even better as we saw it as the day gave way to night.

Cool summer night setting in, coasters as a backdrop and live entertainment in an intimate outdoor setting.

HRP was awesome. :)

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Rub it in, man, rub it in... :)

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