Phoenix, Twister, and HyperSonic seating.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 5:46 AM
I'm going to be going to both Knoebel's and PKD over the next couple of days and was wondering where everyone recommends sitting on Phoenix, Twister, and HyperSonic XLC for the best ride? Also, I hear that Knoebel's has great food. What do you recommend for lunch?
Thursday, August 22, 2002 5:49 AM

Phoenix = 1-3 [the ejector seat]
Twister = wherever. I personally prefer the front to the back. I would make sure you get the first row of the car and not a back row unless you're going for the very back.

Hypersonic = front.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 8:58 AM
I'm still kind of new to coaster riding, so could someone please tell me what seat 1-3 is? I've seen coaster seating explained this way before but am not quite sure what it means. Is the first number the seat and the second the car? Or is it the opposite way? Thanks.
Thursday, August 22, 2002 9:01 AM

Pale Rider - I had this same problem. 1-3 is the first car, third bench. If you come across a wood coaster with 3 bench PTC trains, head to this seat. You'll usually be pretty glad you did. You will be particularly happy with this choice on The Phoenix! :)

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Thursday, August 22, 2002 9:02 AM
1:3 = First CAR third row.

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

Thursday, August 22, 2002 9:04 AM
On those woody trains like the PTCs on Swamp Fox @MB, there's three rows in each car. I'm guessing Phoenix has these trains(?). Anyways, If there's a third seat in the first car of ANY coaster you get on, that's where you want to be, JMHO;).

Hypersonic is good in any seat, front being best, but I liked the launch from the backseat. You're not totally obstructed from the "view", but I found the "lessened" view on launch from the back along with an interesting climb make the back worthwhile, too. The front is just what it looks like, open. The ride's short, I like to think of it as a hybrid coaster/drop tower as a way to trick my mind into not seeing the one-trick aspect.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:05 AM

In past years 1:3 on Phoenix vastly differed between the trains. The yellow train exhibited a marked difference. I was shocked!

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Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:11 AM
front on hypersonic.
Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:18 AM
Has Hypersonic been continually running?

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Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:45 AM

H:XLC had no problems when we were there, other than the preictable low capacity.....(makes me wonder about the new CP coaster, but that's another issue). I got a front ride and a back ride....the front is tremendous for the "hang time" at the top waiting.....waiting....waiting for the back of the train to clear the top of the tower.....:). The back seat, as noted, gives some serious ejector air after clearing the top....a great ride, thanks S&S....

Seat 1-3 is referred to as the "ejector seat" or the "Schmeck seat" and is really good on all Schmeck coasters....nice air! Take that on Phoenix....

As for Twister, near the front of the train was my favorite....just try to hang on, that is one wild ride....

bill, bummed he's not going to make it to PPPP....

Thursday, August 22, 2002 12:54 PM

I can't vouch for 1-3 on Phoenix, but I can for two other Schmeck coasters... Hersheypark's Comet and Dorney's Thunderhawk.

Comet, while not the wildest coaster out there, does give some good air in the 3rd seat.

Last year I rode Thunderhawk in 1-3 and thought I was going to break the lap bar when I flew up into it on some of the crests.

That being said, I do think Phoenix is a "front seat" coaster... the closer to the front the better.

As for Twister, personally I prefer the back. Then again, ask me after I ride it next time and I could give a totally different answer.

Best time to ride Phoenix and Twister... during a moderate rain. Talk about wild rides!

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

Thursday, August 22, 2002 1:01 PM

SLFAKE, I liked the back seat of Twister as well, but I was on the right side of the train, and the laterals on the "jump" into the helix were just more than my ribs could take.....had to move up closer to the front where there was a *tad* more air and considerably less INTENSE ride in any seat.....

Comet is the weakest of the Schmeck's I've ridden, and still a great ride.....HP knows how to take CARE of their wood....

Thursday, August 22, 2002 1:03 PM

Seat 1-2 on the Twister. Right Side. School Bus Effect. Laterals in combination with airtime on the uphill after the first drop. One of my favorite coaster moments.

The tunnels are better in the back of the train. The double helix is pure heaven wherever you sit.


Thursday, August 22, 2002 1:16 PM
I would suggest Hypersonic from the front, but be prepared to wait for a long time. The capacity is horrible and they were only using two trains and one loading station when we were there last Friday and it was shut down for some time during the afternoon.


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Thursday, August 22, 2002 1:38 PM
Thanks for clearing up the 1-3 for me everyone. I'm going to be going to Hersheypark on Sunday as well and will have to try this on the Comet. I wish I had known about the 1-3 a few weeks ago when I rode the Swamp Fox but I guess that just gives me an excuse to go back in a couple of weeks ;) I did get massive air in the back though. I will definitely try it on the Phoenix. I keep hearing about this one-two punch of the Phoenix and Twister and am pretty psyched to ride them. I'm going to be hitting PKD on Monday, so hopefully the crowds won't be so bad. Does anyone know if school is back in session around that area? Thanks.
Thursday, August 22, 2002 5:03 PM

The best seat on Phoenix is 1-3 on the yellow train. The orange train is slower than the yellow for some reason. You may want to keep your hands down the first time in this seat as it really is ejector air like no other coaster I've ever ridden. The only time I've ever stood up on a coaster was my first 1-3 ride on Phoenix. I did'nt do it as a stunt, I just got fired upwards so strongly that I stood up involuntarily.

On Twister I will demore to others.

I doesn't really make much difference on Hypersonic. Front row is probably a little better, but the ride is amazing in any row.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 6:52 PM

Is there another seat on the Phoenix "other" than 3?

On Twister I love car 1 row 2 right seat with two or three clicks down on the lap bar. WHAT AN ENTERANCE TO THE HELIX!

I can't wait till next week, all the kids back at school (HA HA HA HA)and I'll have plenty of personal time with my old friends Phoenix and Twister! I mean lots of reride time. I love school days!

What day are you going to Knoebels? I love giving the tour of Knoebels. It's only 12 miles from my house! Heck even Hershey ( I met up with PittDesigner at Williams Grove then we spent the rest of the day at Hershey). Drop me an email if your interested or IM me. Just check my info!

Knoebels visits in 2002. 6

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Thursday, August 22, 2002 7:20 PM
coasterpunk, since you mention Williams Grove, how is it....esp. the Cyclone....I wanted to go there the day before Hershey, but *we* had had enough with the drive from DC and the day at DW....Sky Princess was a great coaster, first CCI, got to ride a little with joey isch....but I was wondering what we'd missed.....I figure we'll get back that way again soon (HP rocks!)....:)
Thursday, August 22, 2002 7:57 PM

The Cyclone is somthing else. It's about 50- 60 feet tall. Think out and back with the return run going directly under the out run. It's seen alot better days. For as bad as it looks it gives a rough ride (especially over the wheels) but it's still above Hercules in my book. It has potential to be a pretty good woodie if WG gave it some TLC. The two turnaround and the retun need the most help.

It runs 1 train of 2 three bench PTC's with no seat dividers. And it's an ACE Classic. I wonder why ACE never gave it a plaque. The only down fall is that they won't run it until there are 5 people. I wonder why it's 5 instead of 6 since 5 is an odd number.

I actually like the park. To me it has a Kennywood/ Knoebels feel to it. Lots of big shade giving trees lots of grass and a small pond/ lake. It also has a basic midway with a few games and food stands thrown in. The Wildcat (just like CP's) is far from all the other rides way to the right of the waterslides when you first enter the park.

They have an old walk thru fun house with moving stairs and walk ways and a spinning barrel.

They also have a dark ride Dantae's Inferno. The cars are like the ones on Knoebels but thats where the likness ends. The cars squeak around the track and there are only a handful of stunts.

The carousel is ancient it's got to be one of the oldest around. It has wood carved horses along with alot of animals Lion, Tiger, Deer, Ostrich, Zebra, and a few others. the reason I think it's old is none of the animals move so I'm thinking it was built before the motion mechanism was invented.

Then they have your basic flats, Paratroopers, Swings, Monster, Train, Chance Twister (like at Lakemont Park), Music Express, Tilt A Whirl, Bumper Cars, Go Carts, and the Disco Star (like the Thunderbolt carnival ride). They also have a nice selection of kiddie rides and two water slides. They must be doing pretty good because they have been adding stuff every year recently.

For visiting Williams Grove I'd say get the RAD pass and knock yourself out riding everything for about 2 hours. You really don't need much more time than that unless you take a luch with you.

From Hersheypark it's about 25 miles or so. About 35-45 minutes depending on the Harrisburg traffic.

Hows that for an explanation?

OH YEA! The shooting gallery is an old one so take a picture with a flash when your there. ;)

Knoebels visits in 2002. 6

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Thursday, August 22, 2002 8:11 PM
Mmmmmmm twister, yummy I can't wait till PPPP

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)


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