Philip Koch, owner of Lake Rudolph Campground, dies at age 47

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From Lake Rudolph's blog:

It’s with very heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of our friend and CEO, Philip Koch. Philip passed away this morning at Deaconess Hospital surrounded by his family.

Born and raised in Santa Claus, Indiana, Philip attended Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City, Indiana, graduating in 1983. He attended Purdue University and graduated in 1988 with a BS in Business Administration and Management.

Philip was passionate about continuing his father’s legacy, the late Bill Koch, to build and promote the tourism industry in Santa Claus, Indiana. The town’s slogan, America’s Christmas Hometown, was one of his many ideas. Under Philip’s direction, Lake Rudolph grew from a 100 site campground, to a 500 site destination resort including over 270 Cabins and Rental RVs. He helped design the layouts for Lake Rudolph’s King Size Rental RVs and Rudolph’s Christmas Cabins. It’s with his vision that we have grown into the campground we are today, new water slides and all!

Read more from The Evansville Courier and Press. Read the official blog post from Lake Rudolph.

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Dear God please ease the pain in this familys hearts.

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Sorry to hear this.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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Terrible and tragic news, we'll keep the Koch family in our prayers.

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Terrible news. :(

My thoughts and prayers are with the Koch family and everyone at Lake Rudolph & Holiday World.

This is so sad. My thoughts are with the family and loved ones at this time.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Such a young age to die.

Maybe hard living had something to do with it:

For a family that wants enthusiasts to "openly discuss" things, as Will put it ten years ago, they sure like to keep things hidden. Look at the family feud. They kept that hidden for as long as they could. How about Phil's history of arrests? What about the dispute with the town over the water? Remember that? Why did we not hear about an outcome to that? What about the lawsuit over Tamar's death? Why wasn't the settlement openly discussed among enthusiasts?

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Yes. Let's discuss this 7 months later and tarnish a dead person's reputation. Stay classy Brady.

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