Pheonix Phall Phunfest, a Phabulous Time

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After an agonizing 3 hour drive from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Knoebels Grove, my dad and I FINALLY arrived at the park to find a full parking lot (Thank goodness it was just for the covered bridge festival). We entered the park and who do we run into? Coastin Steve! He was very suprised to make it as I actually was not planning to be there. He introduced me to his friend Greg (Zero G Lover on RRC) and we went off to get registered for PPP. On the way, I ran into our very own buzzers Jess and Arrow Guy! Jess was suprised to see me (You know why Jess) and Arrow Guy was very nice! (Oh Brad, its me, the crazy 14yr old stalker kid)

Greg was very kind and offered my dad and I had a ride on the Pheonix! I couldnt pass THIS offer up. I had a great ride and the Pheonix was crazy, but I knew that it would only get better later on.

It was about 3:00 or so now and riding began in 2 hours, how would I pass the time? Good question! I bothered people at the booths. Yup, I started having conversations with people over twice my age that I dont know. It was interesting to say the least.

I saw Robb and Elissa selling their videos and I introduced myself because I have been talking to Robb online and I would be spending the day with them at Six Flags tomorrow. Very nice people!

My friend Matt arrived about 3:15 so I spoke to him briefly when I realized that I needed to head over to the phlyers! As soon as I got there I could tell that this would be crazy night.. Some people were really snapping the cables hard and enthusiasts were cheering them on! Great fun!

I had an incredible ride on the phlyers and I was snapping them pretty hard, which is good for me seeing that I have just started to ride phylers.

My dad, Matt and I then headed over to Twister and got a great ride. It was running really well, and was more insane than I remembered it. But like Pheonix, I knew that it would only get better, and it sure did!

So we get back to the pavilion and its about 4:30. I start talking to Elissa briefly as well as some other guy whose name completely escapes me (Actually, I dont know if he ever told me his name) and then before I knew it, it was time to ride!!!

I started out with some incredible rides on the Pheonix. I mean it was really delivering. The Schmeck seat is absolutely INSANE! Too bad its not really a secret :(

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