Phantom's revenge: I'm confused!

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 5:37 AM
I'm a bit confused i thought i saw that the height of the first hil will be extended 5 feet . is this true or false? And if its true, how will they use the original track? And what exactly happens after the first two drops? What kind of track will they use after the two drops? Will the track be re-painted a different color? How much does this alteration cost? Does anyone no the answer?
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 6:16 AM
The lift hill (1st hill) will not be changing in height. After the first drop there will be a small camelback hill then up to the big drop (the current 2nd drop.) The top height of this hill will stay the same, however, 5 feet will be added to the bottom of the hill.

As far as the track goes, It seems to me, judging from the info I've obtained from Kennywood, that the track will be all new Morgan track, only the support towers will remain.

I live about 10 minutes from Kennywood, so I'll be stopping by for some construction photos throughout the winter.

Pittsburgh, PA
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 8:10 AM
As will I.

If I can find them, I have contruction photos from when the original Phantom was being built. My plan is to set up a website with those pics, plus pics from rebuilding the Phantom into Phantom's Revenge. Should be neat.

That assumes I can find those pictures, though :(


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