Phantom Fright Nights Rides

Does anyone know which rides are open this year for Fright Nights? I know they have kept the Whip, Turtle and a few others closed every year.

Also, has there been any unique lighting of rides this year?

If you think the color orange is unique, then you shall be pleased.

Got the tentative answer from another KW site. Figured I would post this in case anyone is interested.

Phantom's Revenge
Musik Express
Bayern Kurve
Cosmic Choas
Gran Prix
Ghostwood Estate
Aero 360

Rides may change though and a few backups may be in place (think crappy Top Spin). Also, Pitt Fall is down for the count.... The Ark also is not on the list, but maybe it is considered a haunt.

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I'm guessing they are considering the Ark as a haunt, as well.. it is, this time of the year. :)

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yep, just saw it mentioned on the main PFN site. It is not on their haunt page though for some reason. I guess it is the middle of the road attraction.

I've never been to Kennywood's Fright Night. Is it really that scary? I'd like to take Ava (just to ride rides, mainly), but I've read all the warnings about the event not being for small children.

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I would not bring the kids if they can not handle the typical haunted trail \ house that communities have. Kennywood seeemed to be a little more more over the top that the one time I did CP (around five years ago). Mostly because CP does gear theirs as a family weekend destination for obvious reasons.

At one point PFN had the main entrance tunnel filled with fog and a chain saw man. I have not seen this the past few visits. Not sure why it is just regular now. Anyways, that to me was the worst part. Gory Park can also seem like you are in South Side Chicago. I avoid that area just because I have been to South Side Chicago and it was not fun. :)

I guess what I'm asking is, is the event of the nature that you can bypass the worst stuff while still getting rides in, like CP's Halloweekends? Or are you pretty much immersed in it the moment you walk through the tunnel?

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As long as they do not utilize the tunnel this year you would be able to get around if you know the park. (However this is based on previous years layouts).

- Clowns are all around Kangaroo area. So avoid that if you do not like them.
- Gory park is all around lost Kennywood. Thus you can not avoid it for the Swingshot or Exterminator.
- They have had a Death Valley thing between the games and were Ghostwood is in previous years. Not sure if it is there anymore though it was not that bad though.

If you walk most other paths you should be fine and just run into a few creatures here and there.Nothing major though.

When are you thinking of going? I can try to mark up a map of were things are at for you this weekend.

We might possibly go either Friday next week, or the following weekend depending on the weather.

Thanks for all the information, Bill. I know Kennywood fairly well, having visited a couple dozen times over the years, just never made it out for PFN. If we do get down there, we will definitely put your advice to use. :)

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