Phaethon (B&M) roller coaster in S. Korea

This one flew under the radar... looks intense!

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That does look intense. The area outside of the ride looks well themed. Very nice looking! =)
Been on it! Amazing ride for a little park. The beginning is standard B&M stuff... but then, after the Cobra Roll, it starts doing helixes and 90 degrees turns among the 2 corkscrew. I loved it. Strange thing through is the park only bought 1 8 cars train for it. They got a transfert track, so they got an option in the future to buy a second one.
That rising/falling/swooping helix-type thing after the cobra roll looks particularly interesting. It reminds me of the helix after Talon's Immelman, except it does a little more.

Phaethon.. wasn't that the name of VW's failed luxury sedan?

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Here is a very good POV of the ride.

I think the ride is a good combination of "Silver Bullet" and "Top Gun".
I think having a Batwing instead of the Cobra Roll would make a brilliant inverter design.

And yes. "Phaeton" is the name of the ill fated VW-luxury model. Maybe the name was a bad omen. After all Phaeton (the son of Helios, the sun god) drove daddies "car" against his will and crashed it. Global chaos ensued... *** Edited 10/16/2007 7:47:57 PM UTC by tricktrack***

I never understood why more B&M inverts weren't built with batwings instead of cobra rolls.
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^^Apollo's Chariot in any other Pantheon... ;)
Wow this coaster is amazing, I love the spiral after the Cobra Roll and the helix after the last Flatspin look absolutely amazing. Did anyone notice the theming seems to be a ripoff of Universal's Islands of Adventure's Lost Continent theme, especially in these two photos?

Yeah, it felt a little like it, but then, the room after you see the "Choose thy Fate" sign has a really cool Styx river with skeletons in it! Also, the train has wheel covers that light up.

Its pretty amazing to see such a ride in a small park. Before Phaeton, they had a japanese built Wild Mouse, the horrible Meisho corkscrew coaster and a Zamperla powered dragon coaster. But the park was sold recently and the new owners invested a ton of money in the park. Next to Phaeton, they have an awesome Fabbri drop ride, a great Hopskin river rapid and a Zamperla Discovery that ran sick 8-10 minutes programs!

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Rob Ascough said:

Phaethon.. wasn't that the name of VW's failed luxury sedan?

It failed in the U.S, but it's all the rage in Europe. They have a V6 version there as well.

^Not really true! It was a massive failure for VW.

Volkswagen still has the image of delivering - as their name says - cars for the people. Nobody was all that interested with their venture into the luxury market. But this is what they desperatly wanted their image to become.

The usual VW customers couldn´t afford the Phaethon, while the people who could, would not want to buy it, because VW just doesn´t have the aura of exclusive luxury. On top of that, the car design tries so hard to be all noble and "understated" that you hardly notice it on the street

All in all, it´s just not the right car to get either the classy or the hot chicks to hop in.

But i think its really a bit off topic now...

Double Zero G Roll has me sold.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

This coaster single-handedly restores my faith in B&M's ability to build a coaster with 'snap.'

Guess they only need a customer that wants one!
(Which apparently would NOT be a CF park)


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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^Someone needs to get to Georgia and ride SFoG's Goliath - and I didn't have any faith to restore... ;)

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